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Noodler's is known for incredible value and the new Ahab Flex Nib pens continue the tradition.  The fine/medium steel flex nib writes well and give you the ability to vary the thickness of your line.  It includes a simple, but effective slid piston which holds more ink ink than normal converters.  A very nice pen for a bargain price. 

There may be a small amount of oil left from manufacturing, so we recommend a good flush with water and dish detergent.  We've filled and testing a number without the flush and have had no problems.  But we've also seen a few that do and the flush has fixed it every time.
Product Reviews
Great value and quality
The Ahab Fill Flex Nib pen is a great value. Is it a Mont Blanc No ! but that is the beauty of this pen, it works wonderful, I write daily, and I need a work horse not a show piece, though the Noodler's Ink "Ahab" is no slouch to look at either. Mostly made of plastic I would be turned off the saving the redemption is in that it is all screw fitted from the cap to the fill it is all threaded ! That is usually a sign of high quality and no chance of a lost cap due to a improper fit over time. I love this pen ! Even the multiple ways to fill this pen from piston plunger to actually using the body as a reservoir ! what a huge capacity that is though I have never used that method "yet". Don't hesitate this Whale of a pen is the best $22 you can spend especially if your getting started and for the experienced; we already know the price tag does not dictate the line.
Very nice pen. Great product support.
This is a very nice pen and don't let the color description throw you. It is not over the top orange, very nice even in a conservative business setting. The pen writes beautifully, and fills easily. I had an issue with it when I dropped the pen, there was no apparent damage but something was obstructing the ink flow. I contacted West Coast shaving who in turn contacted the distributor and they immediately shipped out replacement parts. Incredible service, Very nice pen.
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