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Do you like orange? We don't mean the color ' realistically, no one likes the color! No, we mean that delicious, sweet-smelling fruit, the one that's so good squeezed into juice and consumed on its own or maybe added to a mixed drink on a hot summer day. The one that's used to flavor all kinds of delicious things, from candy to smoothies to sherbet and more!

If you love it in all those things, we think you'll appreciate it in this all-natural Ogallalla Bay Rum and Orange Shaving Soap. It's a product that lathers up so richly and smells so good, you might never want to use anything else. It takes the geniuses at Ogallala to think of adding fruit to classic Bay Rum ' you might not think it would work, but you really have to try it, because it does!

You'll also want to check out this same scent in a bath soap for your morning shower  to keep the flavor going ' you'll get a whiff of zingy citrus all day long. So, here's what we need to know ' orange you going to share this great product?

Size: 4.5 oz.

Made in the USA.

Product Reviews
MJs Dad
No matter how much I try I can't get this lather to not dry out on my face. I love the scent, and it lathers nicely. However, that lather turns to dry, sticky, clumpy foam on my face. My razor glides across smoothly, at least for about a minute then the foam is dry and my face is sticky and the razor pulls. I've used varying brushes and varying amounts of hot water to the point of it being sopping wet and it still performs poorly. I've face lathered (my traditional method) and bowl lathered and nothing works. Not sure what is going on given all the awesome reviews. This not a good product for me.
Hooked on Ogallala Bay Rum!
This soap is great! Have a course thick beard with VERY sensitive skin. This soap provides an amazing thick lather, slick shave, hydrates well, and smells great. For 30 years I have hated shaving and my neck was always so sensitive you couldn't touch it or put on a collar shirt without feeling a slight sting after shaving. A lot of factors go into a perfect shave, but for me this product leaves my skin consistently irritation free and hydrated. I purchased this as well as got a sampler directly from Ogallala. There are many amazing scents with great balance. I love this product. Great job Ogallala!
Extremely fragrant, but a nice shave.
This is only the 2nd shaving soap I have tried. It lathers real well and provides a smooth shave. My only issue is that the smell is very strong. I put a plastic lid over the top of my shaving bowl to keep the smell down otherwise it would drive me out of the house. It smells great in the short term. 24 hours a day and you get sick of it. But, keep a lid on it and it works out great. I will definitely buy it again.
Nice scent, comfortable shave
The scent reminds me of potpouri, or holiday candles. Worked up a smooth lather quickly. Only problem was it wouldn't fit in my mug ( I'm too cheap to buy an actual shaving mug...using a coffee mug instead). Anyway, it is excellent, and would buy this again.
Great soap, nice scent
My only previous experience is with van der hagen and williams. This is quite a bit ahead of those. It has a pleasant orange scent and very light on the bay rum. This soap lathered well for me with a badger brush. The best thing was the shave. Much better than the previous soaps that I have tried. I may experiment with other soaps, but I will keep using Ogallala.
For $5, you cannot go wrong. Great lather, lasts a long time. I use TOBS Eton College to shave off thicker growth, but my everyday soap is this. After finishing my TOBS Sandalwood, I threw this in the bowl. It is quick, glides superbly and gets the job done fast. Smells fantastic. Nice clover-orange smell. No need for preshave oil here. No rash, no ingrowns on my sensitive neck area. Made in Nebraska too? Bonus.