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The original Old Spice after shave, made by Shulton in India using the traditional formula. 

Size: 50ml

Made in India.

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Product Reviews
Pretty Good
Have to disagree with a previous review about this being harsh, I find it to be anything but... and there you go, YMMV. It's personal and relative. But to find this Old Spice... so different from the current watered down offering available in the US... made with real botanicals, like the old school OS, not synthetics as in the current P&G offering. I'm gonna stock up on this...but how about a bigger bottle, like 150 ml instead of 50...
OS aftershave creamy lotion
In the 70's OS sold a wonderful after shave creamy lotion with the texture of a light hand lotion which did not burn & came in a plastic bottle. It ,penetrated the skin keeping it soft all day. It had the OS scent but absolutely no burn. Can't find it anymore and it was the best I've ever found. The fact that I don t even use after shave since that product was pulled, is indicative as to it's quality.
Give it a try
Love this old spice scent! I just wrote a review on the original soap cream. The cream and aftershave MUST go hand in hand. One reviewer said that there was a burn when he put it on. Well, yes of course it's going to burn. It has alcohol in it. I use my collection of old spice original products depending on my mood and when I do, I absolutely love it. The scent starts out a little strong but fades quickly. I get slight hints of it here and there throughout the day. Try this product
definitely the original
This is definitely different from what is sold in the U.S. and if memory serves me, it smells pretty close to what was sold 20-30 years ago. However, regardless of it's authenticity, it's a pretty harsh after shave. Makes my skin burn and not in a cooling good way but like I just splashed on battery acid. I love the smell, and the burn does go away in time but I prefer other ASs - Floid, Alt-Innsbruck, for overall better performance - smell and skin soothing ability. This one I kind of dread using... But then again this is much less expensive than those I mentioned. Recommend keeping in your rotation for nostalgia but understand it's gonna hurt your skin. Interestingly, the new formula everyone complains about, is actually easier on the skin. Maybe proctor and gamble was on to something when they changed it.
Not What I Remember!!!
I was very disappointed when i got my order of both the original and the musk! the musk was ok, i won't be moving it into my normal rotation,I used to use this stuff back in the early 70s and this isn't what it smelled like back then! YMMV but if this is the new old spice i am not a big fan anymore. =(
old school!
wow, what memories! I was hoping this was the scent I remember as a young boy...and it is! great stuff!
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Is it not the one sold by PG? Who has made it? Shulton does not exist anymore. Is it like original?
December 19, 2015 4:07 PM
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The Aftershave is still owned by PG, but manufacture by Rubicon. The formulation should still be the same and the aftershave is still from India.
kkish57673 December 21, 2015 2:56 PM