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A veined jade handle makes this brush look as good as it performs.  A great brush at a great price.

Total Height: 73 mm
Loft: 43mm
Knot: 20mm
Hair: Banded boar / Badger mix

Dimensions are approximate.

Made in Italy

Product Reviews
Do not let the size fool you
Initially you might think this brush is too small, but once you use it for your first lather WOW! Great brush for any occasion. I thought it would only be my travel brush, but given the mix between boar and badger it in on my daily rotation!
Size doesn't matter... works great!
Like some other reviewers noted, this is quite a small brush but great for travel (including my Simpson Case also sold here). Works great, makes a good lather quickly and is firm yet soft on the skin. Recommended!
Works very well
I decided to introduce my three (adult) boys to using a brush and soap. Just wanted some inexpensive (to me) items (soap, brush, and brush stand) to get them introduced to the idea. I had my own good items, but bought an extra set for myself so I would know what is was giving them. I started using this brush and haven't stopped. Maybe my badger brush is poor, and I just have a bad example of a badger brush, but this boar brush is great.
Great brush
I have been using this brush as my primary brush for over a year and it is great. It builds a fairly good ladder easily.
Great little brush
This is a TINY brush! Perfect size for traveling. No travel kit? Just poke holes in an old medicine bottle, and it should fit just fine. This is a very soft, but scritchy brush. It soaks up lather, so you've got to work it quite a bit. But once the lather's going, it should explode. The one negative for me is the floppiness. Because of the small knot diameter and loft, it's a bit floppier than I'm used to. It's not all bad... just different. Great brush!
very tiny, but it feels nice in the hand, easy to break in, works well with hard and soft soaps and creams. it is also a very light shedder, great gift for any one, and one of the best mixed hair brushes I have.
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