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Omega Shave Brushes and Shaving Cream

You've heard of "La Dolce Vita" -- the sweet life. Now let us introduce you to "La Dolce Rasatura" -- the sweet shave. Legendary in Italy and gaining notoriety worldwide, Omega shaving brushes are the embodiment of noteworthy Italian exports. Like a good pasta, a robust Chianti, or a sleek Ferrari, these are brushes that have tradition, versatility, and timeless design on their side. Whether you're a boar, badger, or synthetic fiber devotee, you'll find your new favorite shaving tools in the Omega line. Wood or resin handles come perfectly sculpted to fit the palm, in a variety of colors and styles from classic to bold. With products to suit any budget, Omega can give you a superior lather at a superior price, so you can live the sweet life without sacrificing style or quality. Va bene

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Omega Shave Brushes and Shaving Cream Reviews
Bowl lathering master this brush....... Like it a lot!
Omega 11126 Boar Shaving Brush, Ovangkol Wooden Handle "I've had this brush for roughly 4 months, and it has surprised the heck out me. Like the title says, excellent bowl lathering from this boar. Just the right handle length, good loft and backbone. Though it was the first boar brush that took a while to break in, about a months worth of shaves. A little stiffer than I would prefer for face lathering in the beginning and still not quite there compared to my Omega #81052 or the Semogue #1305, which is my favorite boar brush. But the handle & loft of the brush is awesome for bowl lathering. Surprisingly, haven't lost a single hair from it. If you bowl lather, this one will fit the bill nicely. It's definitely worth being in my rotation.
Very nice Boar bristles..... Handle? Not so much.....
Omega 81052 Banded Boar Shaving Brush "I've had this brush for just about 4 months now and it has proven to be a great performer. Works well with both soft and hard soaps. Didn't take very long to break-in actually, 7-10 shaves tops. The handle is the only thing that kind of takes a star away for me. It's got a semi hexagon shape to it and kind of short, so when I bowl lather on occasion, it does not give a good grip when your working the lather. For face lathering though, it performs flawlessly. Lost a couple hairs during the first 2-3 shaves, none since. It holds water well, gets softer with use and has good backbone and "scritch" in applying lather. For the price, it's a good brush that won't disappoint......
Nice but could be better
Omega 0146138 HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush "Have tried the brush about 4 times so far and works good but the bristles could be more stern. It lathers the shave cream well but seems to lack the deeper rubbing in of the cream in my pores. Using my fingers seem to do it better than the brush. Maybe the rounded brush points are too rounded and and should be a little more pointed for penetrating the pores. So I rapped a rubber band around the bristle stock to make them tighter and that seems to help a lot. Hope this helps other in deciding their purchase,
Great value. Satisfied with my
Omega 13522 Banded Boar Shaving Brush "Great value. Satisfied with my purchase.
Great Synthetic Silver Tip
Omega 0146745 HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush "With most things shaving I like to rotate a variety of products: a couple of razors, several different blades, a couple of different creams and aftershaves, etc. But so far this is the only brush I've used, and I just might keep it that way. It works great and is so reasonably priced. Other reviewers have indicated that the Hi brush is far better than cheap badger and boar brushes. It seems that only a good silver tip could be better. This is a synthetic silver tip so it hits the mark, or at least very close to it, for a small fraction of the price. It feels great, and like a prior reviewer stated don't be afraid to mash it into your face so that it spreads in a sort of starburst. Mine hasn't shed a single bristle and I've had it a while.
Omega Brush
Omega S-Brush Model S10049, Red "This brush creates a good lather and is a great value. It is well made. My only complaint --it is larger than I thought it would be. That doesn't affect its function but it is rather large
great quality
Blooms nicely after use, holds
Omega 638 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush "Blooms nicely after use, holds water but not too much, very soft and gold piping on handle is attractive accent.
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