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Omega Shave Brushes and Shaving Cream

You've heard of "La Dolce Vita" -- the sweet life. Now let us introduce you to "La Dolce Rasatura" -- the sweet shave. Legendary in Italy and gaining notoriety worldwide, Omega shaving brushes are the embodiment of noteworthy Italian exports. Like a good pasta, a robust Chianti, or a sleek Ferrari, these are brushes that have tradition, versatility, and timeless design on their side. Whether you're a boar, badger, or synthetic fiber devotee, you'll find your new favorite shaving tools in the Omega line. Wood or resin handles come perfectly sculpted to fit the palm, in a variety of colors and styles from classic to bold. With products to suit any budget, Omega can give you a superior lather at a superior price, so you can live the sweet life without sacrificing style or quality. Va bene

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Omega Shave Brushes and Shaving Cream Reviews
Little sting, big relief
Omega Alum Stick This omega stick really is easy as pie...just unscrew when you get a little rushed and nic yourself, and let the alum do its thing. It also seems like it will last a LONG time
Brush Bliss
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush The comfort of this brush is superb! It was a joy to shave with such luxury. The handle has a masculine design very different from other brushes I've seen. It is a small brush so big hands may not appreciate its delicate styling.
Great when I have a
Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream in Tube Great when I have a brush wet and ready to start shaving. But I needing to add a new blade after several days and already I was already lathered up and it seemed to dry out rather faster than I had thought setting on my face while changing blade.
Great Brush for the price
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush I cannot recommend this shaving brush enough. Tried it on both soaps and creams, all lather well.

Brush holds water well and have not lost a hair from the brush yet. Recommend using this brush in combination with Mitchells Wool fat soap.

Yields an enjoyable nick free gliding shave.
Great Hairbrush, highest quality.
Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand I couldn't be happier! Great merchandise and great service.
Love it
Omega 11047 Banded Boar Shaving Brush Had been using one for a year or so, but accidentally left it in a hotel room after an early check out. Got home and bought two more, one for the travel kit and one for the house. Best brush for the money.
Great value, works well! Soft
Omega 13522 Banded Boar Shaving Brush Great value, works well! Soft and not too harsh, enjoying it so far.
Great product
Omega Alum Stick I've used styptic pencils all my life, but have been wanting to try an alum block. I thought this one was a good try because of the size, shape, and packaging. It works great, and I'm loving the holder with screw on lid. Perfect shape for following the curve of your face, or even applying to underarms if you want, but I've yet to try it as a deodorant; I use coconut oil for that. Very pleased with this product from Omega, whose shaving cream I'm still itching to try.
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