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If you can't find it in another category, it's probably here. We're committed to carrying everything you could possible want or need for your shaving and grooming needs.

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With over 2,000 wet shaving products, we're bound to have some products that don't fit into one of our regular categories. Here you'll find sponges, straight razor protection oils, gift items and even candles. Just browsing this category may result in finding a product you didn't know you couldn't live without. And of course, if you can't find something, let us know and we'll get it for you.

Other Products Reviews
Great product that saves cleanup
Beard King Beard Bib, Black "Great product that saves cleanup time. Thanks!
Great item.
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Wipes "This real helps for a fast cleanup and keeping up on maintaining Razer in top performence.
Excellent product
Double Edge Blade "Bank" "Safe disposal .. just wish i have bought a few more
Amazing razor bank
Double Edge Blade "Bank" "This razor bank works phenomenally! Keeps all my used blades safe so no one cuts them self and keeps my trash bags from getting cuts in them. Seems like it will hold many razors.
Excellent value. Good safe disposal
Double Edge Blade "Bank" "Excellent value. Good safe disposal of used blades.
It really works.
Double Edge Blade "Bank" "It really works.
great idea
Double Edge Blade "Bank" "Anyone who de shaves need one one of these. It has to hold at least 100 blades. You buy plastic bags for your trash, get this for your blades. The price on this is a geat valve.
Awesome Product!
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Wipes I used this on my old Gillette J4 double edge safety razor and it took some corrosion off that other products wouldn't and left it with a nice protective layering. The wipe comes very moist and has enough Ballistol on it to clean multiple items. After cleaning my razor, I used it to add a protective layering to my rifle and shotgun, which included the wood stock. It is an awesome multipurpose product and I like the single-use convenience. I'm going to get more to carry in my truck.
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