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If you're not quite sure you're ready to take the plunge to a safety or straight razor, we offer some handsome handles for that cartridge you can't live without.

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Check out the award-winning design options from Bolin or Edwin Jagger razors for a high-end comfortable shave. These aren't your cheap plastic-handled razors from the local drugstore. We also carry the Bump Fighter disposables that are guarded/wrapped blades for a more protected shave, which were designed for African-American men who struggle with those nasty in-grown hairs. There are options for the Mach3 system and Atra cartridge blades. The Gillette Guard razors are fantastic travel options.

Other Razors Reviews
...they work great!
...they work great!
Excellent product trac ll forever
I really am so glad I brought this razor excellent product the last razor all ever buy for a while I was using the coloionial conk handle its a great handle but I really think this handle works so much better I love the weight I love how it fells in your hands while your shaving the one I brought doesn't have the 3 black bands at the end of the razor but it works really great it shaves so much better then any safety razor u can buy I had a safety razor for 2 years then it broke so now I'm using this excellent product and I just love it I'd recommend someone to buy one instead of your all the 3 4 5 blade razors theses days that are all junk invest in one of these it's worth every penny I paid for this razor can last a lifetime and u can pass it on to your kids or grand kids this is the best razor I have ever used and I just buy personna twin blade razors and it shaves excellent please buy this amazing razor youl love it I sure do
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Blades
Every bit as good as Gillette's Trac II blades...and way cheaper, too.
Atra Razor
Excellent Product. Twin blades are the best razor for me.
Good deal!
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack Good deal at a great price.
Why pay more!
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack I am sure we will have 10 blade razors at some point! It is crazy. My husband has been happy with his Trac II forever and does not want more bladeds - especially for the money they want for them. These blades do just what he wants and are actually affordable!
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