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If you're not quite sure you're ready to take the plunge to a safety or straight razor, we offer some handsome handles for that cartridge you can't live without.

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Check out the award-winning design options from Bolin or Edwin Jagger razors for a high-end comfortable shave. These aren't your cheap plastic-handled razors from the local drugstore. We also carry the Bump Fighter disposables that are guarded/wrapped blades for a more protected shave, which were designed for African-American men who struggle with those nasty in-grown hairs. There are options for the Mach3 system and Atra cartridge blades. The Gillette Guard razors are fantastic travel options.

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I get three shave from
I get three shave from one blade and I am happy with it
Great product, not many companies
Atra Razor.Great product, not many companies carry this item. I'm completely satisfied
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack.Really nice shave when you're short on time, but need a good shave.
bump fighter
Bump Fighter 5ct Cartridge.everything great
Best blades ever!
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack.I have used cartridge razors since I was 14. I have used many brands. I tried these persona cartridges. They have been the best blades I have ever used! I will never change brands again.
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome.Mine did not come with the three black bands at the handle's end, it was 'unbanded'. Smooth. I've only used the Trac II blades and this works perfectly. No complaints and worth the price.
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