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The Parker Heavyweight 91R double edge safety razor is a 3-piece razor made from brass with nickel/chrome Finish! The blade gap is a bit larger making this a more aggressive head. It weighs 3.0 oz.

Made in India.
Product Reviews
Hey Guys!
I see lots of reviews from men saying they're using a double edged razor for the first time: Just remember, it's not so much the razor, but the blade and how you handle the razor (shaver and blade). I'm 56 and have been using a DE since I was 18. A single edge is the best shave (like at the barber shop), but a DE gives you two of them in a "safety razor" handle. Don't use the blades longer than you should. </p><p>I have a heavy beard and I can get one shave from each side of a blade, even if I wait a couple of days. Longer than that and I'm cutting my own throat. At the first sign of 'pull', change the blade. You should know how many shaves you'll get from each blade and each side depending on your beard very quickly. What's all this about "aggressive razors and blades"? It depends on your aggression. All for now. Happy shaving and I hoped I helped a little.</p><p>PS: Don't get sucked into buying real expensive blades. Believe me, I've tried them all and none are better than the others after going through your beard. They last the same. If you get an extra shave or two (max!) is it worth paying four or five times the money? Nah. Try Wilkinson Sword Blades (made in England), they are one of the least expensive name brands that offer a quality product. You'll be happily surprised and I rarely champion a product, it's what I buy.
Great Shave
First safety razor shave, much better than my old mach 3! I had only ever seen a buddies Edwin Jagger razor and this is pretty close to as nice. I was really impressed with the quality of this razor, it feels very good in your hand nice weight. I am sure that there are better razors out there but for an entry level razor i am very pleased. I did read several reviews on this razor and did not feel that it was that aggressive of a shave.
Very Pleased
I spent a lot of time reading reviews of various DE razors. There really aren't any places to go to get the feel of a razor before you buy it so I was apprehensive buying online. Price is what enticed me to this razor, and when it arrived I was impressed with its weight and appearance. I've had enough time to develop an opinion with it and have decided that it is hands down better than the old Gilettes that I had been using. My 91R has good weight and is easy to control. I couldn't be happier. The poor reviews that I had read about Parker Razors have apparently been corrected.
Good Beginner Razor
I read mixed reviews on this razor but I must say I am really satisfied with this purchase. This is my first DE razor and I did not want to spend a ton on a razor in case it didn't work out. I have a medium to heavy beard and it works very well you just have to slow down at first. I am still currently looking for the right blade. I currently have Sharks and they are good but loose the edge fast. I would highly recommend this razor as an entry level razor.
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