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Parker 99R Double Edge Safety Razor (99R)
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Item Number: RZ-PAR-99R
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The Parker 99R comes with the redesigned 2010 TTO (twist-to-open) butterfly style head.  A 4" knurled handle provides a solid grip.

Made in India.
Product Reviews
Parker 99R Solid TTO
This razor is nicely nickel-chromed. Blades seat well and the blade exposure is equal for both sides. The TTO mechanism works perfectly. The handle's weight is easily counteracted by shifting your grip. Just place your index finger along the grip, and the razor is at perfect balance. Delivers close and comfortable shaves with an Astra blade for me, but YMMV
Poor design
I did not like this razor at all. 75% of it's weight is in the handle making it feel very awkward in the hand. On the one I received, the silo doors did not line up properly when closed and the safety bar was misaligned from one side versus the other. One would guess this is not ideal when you consider the fact that this part is primarily responsible for holding the blade straight. The shave itself was decent enough I suppose. In my opinion, the 22R is a far better razor than this.
My First DE
This was my first DE after i had a temporary moment of insanity with straight razors. Overall the weight is good for me. MY cheeks, mustache and front of chin are all good.
1st Safety Razor
This was my first DE safety razor and despite my fears of accidentally slicing my own throat and dying alone, naked in my bathroom, I wanted a better shave. I got one. The grip on the handle isn't the best, but that may be my technique. I find the angle easy to manage and the twist-to-open secures the blade in place. I don't think the razor will last longer than a year or two in that regard. Overall a really decent razor to start out with I think.
1'st DE shave
Just arrived in the mail today. Broke it out of the box and lathered up for a shave. Quality of this razor is pretty good. Nice weight to it and construction seems good. Most of the weight is in the handle which I don't like. Not sure if all DE razors are like this as this is my first. Grip on handle stinks. It tends to slide through your finger tips as you're shaving. Poor design. Good choice I guess if it's your first DE purchase.
Great classic razor
This is a great classic style razor from my fathers era. Was immediately drawn to it in the lineup of all the others listed. A definite keeper. It is nice to shave with a little class instead of one of the expensive plastic double or triple blade razors. Highly recommended for anyone starting out or wishing to add another style razor.