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The Parker SR1 uses replacement blades so there is not cost and time of blade maintenance.  Simply replace the blades with inexpensive straight or 1/2 double edge blades.  The blade arm is genuine stainless steel with a rounded end.  The blades snap/lock in place securely.

Made in India.
Product Reviews
Best Bang for the Buck
I also have the Dovo Shavette, which I'll be comparing this to. I'm a lazy son of a bitch. Wanted that straight razor shave without the maintenance of care for a traditional straight edge. Maybe one day I'll have the time to keep up a straight razor and invest over a hundred on a decent blade, but this does the trick. It has some drawbacks, the grip is very two-dimensional, with no jibbing to prevent it from slipping, and there is some carbon in the nooks and crannies from the factory that is really annoying. Even at this price range it seems it should come cleaner. Hence the one star off. Overall very pleased, especially at the price point. Compared to the Dovo, the Parker is hands down better quality, with better weight to it. One thing I like about the Dovo Shavette is the under-nose shave since it is shorter, you can get at the hairs a lot easier. Also, I really don't like the plastic sleeve that you have to use with the Dovo.
wonderful product
I can't hone a real straight razor, figure out stropping or afford a new one or to send it out to be sharpened. I've tried the real thing, and it feels dull. I've wasted money on the real straight razor. But, I've had this for years. The quality was great! It holds the blade securely. It is as sharp as the blade you put in it. I use it almost every time I shave my face, but I use the safety razor to shave my head. I highly recommend this product. This may be better than a real straight razor, and much cheaper. Or I'm the only one who feels that way. I didn't notice any quality issues with this product.
An Excellent Starter
This razor is a good starter to wet shaving and it's reasonably priced, however there's definately better strait razors out there. This one doesn't work too good with a split double edge blade and when I first opened the box, it seemed a little rough around the edges. It's still a good razor though.
Great starting shaver
I got this razor a little while ago, WCS had replaced my defective razor with this. Its a great shave and allows me to do some great line work in my beard. With a great shave and great customer service can't fault. You get a decent razor for the price you can't go wrong.
I wouldn't recommend this
Before I bought a "proper" straight razor a number of months ago, I tried this thing. I consider it unsafe for use because the blade doesn't fit snugly enough inside the housing. There's enough wiggle round inside so that the blade can change its angle mid-stroke (not a good thing). At best it's a clumsy (read, unsafe) way to "try" straight razor shaving. If you'd like to try straight razor shaving, find the cheapest "proper" straight razor and avoid this compromise "solution."
Indian made razor
First it only coast $20 so I can't be too tough on Parker. I own several Indian made knives etc., and the quality is usually adequate but never finished well. I spent a good hour on this cheap razor making it function as it should have been out of the box. Don't buy the SS handle, really crappy fit, looks Chinese made. On the blade holding end the quality jumps up a bit. It shaves well and I just ordered the black plastic handle model because they do work!
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