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The Parker SRW uses replacement blades so there is not cost and time of blade maintenance.  Simply replace the blades with inexpensive straight or 1/2 double edge blades.  The blade arm is genuine stainless steel with a rounded end.  The blades snap/lock in place securely.

Made in India.
Product Reviews
Well build and designed.
The blade is held firmly in this nicely produce razor. A circular bulge between the blade and tang provides extra support for the thumb when holding it for an upstroke.
Really nice shavette
I own the Dovo, the older Parker and this one. This is the best shavette in my opinion. You puul out the inner frame like you might pull out the Dovo's plastic piece. You put in the blade and push it in. It gives you an option on how far you want to push it in, if you go fully in, it has sort of a rounded tip and if you leave a little out you have a point. Good quality
Terrible quality, looks used
I just received this item today, so I haven't tried shaving with it. But so far the looks are terrible. half the black paint in the blade is faded/off; there are scratches everywhere in the blade and in the plastic handle. The black logo on the handle is a sticker that is already coming off. Looks like it had a very rough time before it left the factory; it came in a plastic envelope in a small cardboard box which is undamaged.
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