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Parker Safety Razor

We were hesitant to bring in the Parker razors, thinking the quality wouldn't be up to our standards due to the great price. However, after many requests, we caved and boy were we wrong. We now have a nice selection getting very good reviews and flying off the shelf. Compare to other popular brands and you can see why they are now a very well known shaving brand. We're quite excited to carry these and bring in new models when available. Keep on eye out for new options! As all safety razors on our site, they work with double edge blades. They have traditional butterfly and three-piece options depending on how you like to load your blade. These are sure to improve your shave, with a closeness and comfort you've never experienced before. If you're just starting out, you can't go wrong with a Parker. Try them out and leave us a review!

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Parker Safety Razor Reviews
better than Merkur at 2/3 the price
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case "I've owned the Merkur travel razor for a few trips now and have never really be fond of it. Not aggressive enough (even with a Feather blade) and the handle is too light for balance. On a whim, I purchased the Parker and used it for the first time this morning with an Astra blade. It is a night and day difference and, in my opinion, _much_ better. It is slightly more aggressive than my DE89 and the brass handle with very deep knurling makes it a pleasure to handle. Not a big deal, but the case is also nicer with individual loops to hold the handle pieces and head. The case is larger than the Merkur, but still pretty small, so your preference will depend on your needs.
Fit and finish are really nice. Shave is superb!
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black "I purchased my first Variant in the Satin Chrome finish back in December it it has been an awesome razor. This Black finished one is identical in shave quality and feel. I have no issues whatsoever with blade alignment, cap finish or the black plating. Blade shows evenly on both sides and just shaves beautifully. I'm glad I purchased both. Excellent value and the shave it delivers feels like a razor that costs 3-4 times as much. No regrets.
Simply the best shave ever today.
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "A coulpe of years ago now, I returned to single razor-blade shaving after feeling fleeced by multi-blade cartridge manufacturers. I started out again with a Weishi and - after some experimentation with blades - ended up with the Gillette Silver Blues. So my Parker 96 arrived yesterday and I loaded it up with a Silver Blue in anticipation of this morning. I had to take out my contacts and so was shaving entirely by blur, feel and sound. Perhaps I'll always do it this way, there is no doubt - in 40 years of shaving this was absolutely the best.
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case "I've used it 4 or 5 times and haven't cut myself yet :-) it gives a very close shave too.
Works well and looks good
Parker 26C Safety Razor, Black & Chrome "Bought along with a matching Parker silvertip brush, a Westcoast Shave branded stand, the "everything" blade sampler, some tallow soap, and a balm aftershave. Could hardly be more satisfied. Hate to sound cliched but after wearing facial hair for 15 years (and which was grown partially due to disdain over the daily chore of shaving) I actually enjoy the daily shave. I feel smoother at dinnertime than I did immediately after shaving with disposables and canned gel. And the horrendous razor burn I was getting with my injector back in college that put me off shaving for so long hasn't reared it's head.
Good value
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case "I had shaved with cartridge razors for decades after shifting from electric shavers. When I searched for a new travel shaver, I stumble on the Parker travel razor offered by West Coast Shaving. I was attracted by the look and the compactness of this product and decided to give it a try. My first attempt to use it, however, turned out to be a complete failure. I prepared my face exactly the same way as I did for shaving with my cartridge razor. But the Parker travel razor hardly cut any hair off my skin, no matter how hard I pressed it against my face. At first I thought this must be due to the aged technology. After all, the DE safety razor can trace its history back to more than 100 years. Unlike other products, a razor cannot be returned after it is tried. I was very frustrated. When I disassembled the razor to put it away, I found that I had accidentally put the bottom plate up side down, so that the gap between the blade and comb was so close that no hair could get in. I reassembled the head and tried it again. This time, it delighted me. It turns out to me that DE actually works even better than cartridge! Then it dawned on me that it's not only better, but also cheaper, because after the initial investment of the razor, blades will cost much less than cartridges in the long run. Moreover, a DE razor looks much better than a cartridge razor. These thoughts prompted me to get a better DE safety razor for daily use as well. Thus I came back to the West Coast Shaving website and ordered a Feather AS-D2 with stand. As to this Parker, the quality is reasonable as a travel razor and for its price. It is capable of a very close shave. This is, of course, a desirable quality for the experienced. For a novice like me, however, its aggressiveness could be dangerous. I got my face cut for about an inch the day before yesterday and then realize that you have to keep the razor head at 90 degrees of the direction of your path. When you inadvertently go parallel, you will cut your face. I think I will be all right if my mind is concentrated on my shaving. I will come back to share my experience about the Feather razor.
This will do what you
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "This will do what you need to be done, I have found that the blade sticks out past the ends of the razor and I have cut myself a couple of times and if one does not tighten the razor entirely is and can be disastrous.
Affordable--but still NICE!
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "There are more expensive razors out there (I have two Merkurs--a Futur, and a Progress--and a 1956 Gillette 'butterfly'), but I bought this Parker to see if there was any difference between an 'old' TTO, (the Gillette) and a NEW one, like this. I'm happy to say that they all give me a decent shave, and those shaves are more dependent on what blade I use, rather than the actual razor. (The Futur is slightly ahead of the other three--simply due to it's long handle, adjust-ability, and ease of blade replacement, with the snap off cap.....) My favorite blades are Feathers, Polsilvers, Wilkinson Sword, and the Red Personnas from Israel.
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