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Parker Straight Razors

Originally developed for barber use with replaceable blades, Parker Barber Straight Razors are a nice choice for the home shaves if ease of use is important to you. These take standard double edge blades, snapped in half (be careful, they are sharp!). As with all Parker products, they offer a great value due to the quality manufacturing at an attractive price point.

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Parker Straight Razors Reviews
Good starting straight razor
Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor "This was my first time using a straight razor. I wanted to go with something affordable first. There is a learning curve, at least for me anyway, but once I got the hang of it I really liked it. This straight razor in particular works just fine. Something to remember though, this replaceable one does not come with blades. You'll have to buy those separately.
Heavier than the Dovo Shavette is a plus
Parker SRB Barber Straight Razor, Black "The Parker has a stainless blade holder vs. the Dovo plastic. It's heavier, which makes it easier for me to control. The plastic "handle" is a little off angle, so I have to be careful closing it, but iOK for the price. Don't get the Parker with the metal "handle", it doesn't balance as well.
Good introduction to straight edge shaving
Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor "This should be one of the alternatives if you are thinking about switching to a straight razor but are uncertain of your ability to shave with a straight razor, to strop a straight razor, and to hone a straight razor. It takes regular DE blades that you snap in half while they are still in the paper. Your shave will depend on techniques and the quality of the DE blade, not your sharpening skills.

Light weight. Average to low finish quality. But very functional. If this is your first foray into the world of a straight edge, make sure you also buy an alum block, a styptic pencil and good after shave balm. You WILL cut yourself. You WILL have serious razor burn. And your shave will NOT be very close until you learn the technique. Good fun for less than $20. Not a Feather, but solid value for the price point.
Good learner, I don't have anything else to compare too.
Parker SRW Barber Straight Razor "I wish you had specified that the blades I ordered with this were too big!
The best straight razor
Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor "I am not new to straight razor and this is the best that i have ever had..
Parker blade
Parker SRB Barber Straight Razor, Black "Great starter straight blade. For $20 it a great set for beginners.
High quality razor for the
Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor "High quality razor for the price!
Not a bad razor for the price
Parker PTW Straight Razor, White "I bought this razor because I was curious straight razors, but I didn't want to spend $200 or more on a good razor, strop and hone. It is for the most part a good razor that is fairly well made I did have a problem getting the blade to stay in place while loading it up. The blade kept rising up in the back while trying to load, I ended up trying 4 or 5 times before I got it to stay in place. I don't know if it is a design flaw, or just a quality issue with that one razor. Either way I am sure that I will be able to adapt to it once I load a few more blades in it. As far as the shaving goes, I didn't have any trouble until I got to the mouth and chin areas, then I got a few nicks and scrapes. I am still having a little trouble in those areas so their is a bit of a learning curve. If you are thinking of giving straight razors a try, this is a good option. I do suggest that you look on youtube for some straight razor videos before trying to shave with it the first time it may save you a few nicks and scrapes.
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