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For over forty years, family-run company Parker has been committed to using only the finest materials to craft its shaving supplies, and working with only the best purveyors to sell those supplies to customers. In other words, we feel kind of awesome about being selected to sell their products, and we're sure you'll feel awesome about using them. All their razors, brushes, and shaving soaps are hand-crafted and rigorously tested for quality and durability. Parker is devoted to making items their family and friends can use and enjoy, so we're confident our friends - that would be you, nice customers - will enjoy them, too. Family, friendship, quality, and utility, all from the same company? Now that's putting the warm fuzzy back into your grooming routine.

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Parker Safety Razor
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better than Merkur at 2/3 the price
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case "I've owned the Merkur travel razor for a few trips now and have never really be fond of it. Not aggressive enough (even with a Feather blade) and the handle is too light for balance. On a whim, I purchased the Parker and used it for the first time this morning with an Astra blade. It is a night and day difference and, in my opinion, _much_ better. It is slightly more aggressive than my DE89 and the brass handle with very deep knurling makes it a pleasure to handle. Not a big deal, but the case is also nicer with individual loops to hold the handle pieces and head. The case is larger than the Merkur, but still pretty small, so your preference will depend on your needs.
Fit and finish are really nice. Shave is superb!
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black "I purchased my first Variant in the Satin Chrome finish back in December it it has been an awesome razor. This Black finished one is identical in shave quality and feel. I have no issues whatsoever with blade alignment, cap finish or the black plating. Blade shows evenly on both sides and just shaves beautifully. I'm glad I purchased both. Excellent value and the shave it delivers feels like a razor that costs 3-4 times as much. No regrets.
Good starting straight razor
Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor "This was my first time using a straight razor. I wanted to go with something affordable first. There is a learning curve, at least for me anyway, but once I got the hang of it I really liked it. This straight razor in particular works just fine. Something to remember though, this replaceable one does not come with blades. You'll have to buy those separately.
Parker Pure Badger Shaving Brush
Parker Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Black and Chrome "Great product. Very happy with this brush. Would buy again and recommend.
nice brush
Parker CHPB Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Chrome Handle "This is a nice brush. The weight is great, nice and heavy. It looks awesome and whips up a great lather. The only reason I didn't give this brush 5 stars is that the handle is a little small for me. Its not enough to put me in any kind of rush to replace it, but I just thought that I'd mention it. WCS was great, this shipped to me very quickly...good job guys.
Simply the best shave ever today.
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "A coulpe of years ago now, I returned to single razor-blade shaving after feeling fleeced by multi-blade cartridge manufacturers. I started out again with a Weishi and - after some experimentation with blades - ended up with the Gillette Silver Blues. So my Parker 96 arrived yesterday and I loaded it up with a Silver Blue in anticipation of this morning. I had to take out my contacts and so was shaving entirely by blur, feel and sound. Perhaps I'll always do it this way, there is no doubt - in 40 years of shaving this was absolutely the best.
Heavier than the Dovo Shavette is a plus
Parker SRB Barber Straight Razor, Black "The Parker has a stainless blade holder vs. the Dovo plastic. It's heavier, which makes it easier for me to control. The plastic "handle" is a little off angle, so I have to be careful closing it, but iOK for the price. Don't get the Parker with the metal "handle", it doesn't balance as well.
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case "I've used it 4 or 5 times and haven't cut myself yet :-) it gives a very close shave too.
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