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  • Soothing balm aftershave from Portland General Store
  • Infused with camellia seed oil and hazelnut oil for rejuvenating skin
  • Gylcerin based, alcohol-free

Splash, balm, lotion? Which product to you want for your post-shave routine. Portland General Store Professor Aftershave Balm is ideal for men who have a sensitive face that tends to dry out after shaving. It soothes rather than make you tingle, though there_��s a bit of the latter to be enjoyed when you use this, as well. This comes in a 60ml spray bottle, which is a very innovative way to package these types of products, and a practical one, as well.

Put a bit of this on after you_��re done grooming and the vitamins and antioxidants will help rejuvenate your skin. All-natural and alcohol free, this glycerin-based product provides a soothing effect. It also includes essentials oils, camellia seed and hazelnut, two of the best for skin: 

  • protect from free-radical damage 
  • help refine lines 
  • nourish the complexion 

In addition to all the great skin-restoring virtues, it also smells great. The Professor scent from Portland General Store is a masculine scent with notes of petitgrain and orange. The result is that your face is calmed, protected, scented, and soothed. What a great way to start off your day! 

*Please note that the label is incorrect in this photo. The label will say 30 ml, but it is indeed a 60ml spray bottle, confirmed by the manufacturer. 

Size: 60ml amber spray bottle 

Made in the USA.