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Some would argue that conditioning your whiskers prior to shaving is the only way to ensure an easy, comfortable shave. For those of you who abide by those principles, we carry a wide variety of pre-shave products to prepare your skin for its next encounter with a sharp blade and to soften up that bristly beard.

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To reduce irritation, these products do two things; 1) soften the hair to make it easier to cut and 2) provide extra lubrication to protect the skin. Correct prep is especially useful for those with sensitive skin and thick or wiry facial hair. We offer pre-shave lotions, oils, creams, soaps, and gels for every beard type. You name it, we probably carry it! And if we don't, ask us and we'll see if we can get it in the store.

Pre-Shave Reviews
smooth shave
smooth shave
Top Notch
This is the best non-oil pre-shave I have used. I've had excellent glide with all soaps/creams and various blades with a pleasing aroma. I personally like the aroma not too strong as the pre-shave, lather, (alum), post shave and cologne are all fighting.. I will give Crown Shaving 5 stars for product but good / great value for the price. You have some extra $$, worth having
Does its Job
I've used 4 different pre shaves. This oil is the best for reducing irritation and allowing a close second pass. I can actually see the stubble lift. I like the smell. It's unique. I have oily skin and this doesn't add to it. For the price it's excellent and does last a while. A dab il do ya. 1 negative... Since oil, sticks to basin lil extra clean up is all
Top wet shaving company !
Good products and decent and getting better customer service. Please keep the promotional pricing coming on the better products (like Simpson)!
Real soothing
I use this after I shave it really quites down my face and leaves it cool and less irritated. I really like the smell of it as well, it doesn't over power the colon I put on afterwards..
I don't know how it does it, but it does.
Face: Sensitive skin with coarse beard, Rosacea present.

Cutting rig: Muhle R41 with Personna Medical Prep, American Safety Razor version. I need this sharp, aggressive setup to lessen the irritation that shaving does induce.

For science: Normally, I discard the blade after 2 shaves, but now I'm going to push the envelope and use it a third time with this reviewed product in mind so if it fails, I will suffer.

I showered and scrubbed off as much of my natural oil on my face . I apply a seemingly tiny amount of oil which is a bit thick, but not as thick as Art of Shaving oil (a small amount seems to go a long way). I don't know if it softens my beard or not, but It most probably helps retain the moisture and provides additional cutting lubrication to each hair. I begin to shave Juuuust a bit slower than usual (fearfully maybe?). The results are, to me, unmistakable. My face is smooth, less irritated and the towel is devoid of red (except for one tiny, tiny little spot which could be also from my rosacea. But experience for me has shown that the third use of this blade would have left several larger weepers and using my alcohol based aftershave would have confirmed the self inflicted brutality on my face. This seems to work as advertised and helps confirm other satisfied reviewers reports. Now to try it with the a fabled Feather blade loaded.

Onward Science.