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Some would argue that conditioning your whiskers prior to shaving is the only way to ensure an easy, comfortable shave. For those of you who abide by those principles, we carry a wide variety of pre-shave products to prepare your skin for its next encounter with a sharp blade and to soften up that bristly beard.

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To reduce irritation, these products do two things; 1) soften the hair to make it easier to cut and 2) provide extra lubrication to protect the skin. Correct prep is especially useful for those with sensitive skin and thick or wiry facial hair. We offer pre-shave lotions, oils, creams, soaps, and gels for every beard type. You name it, we probably carry it! And if we don't, ask us and we'll see if we can get it in the store.

Pre-Shave Reviews
Its great product little small
Its great product little small but it's good,
Great quality
Dreadnought Pre-Shave Oil, 125ml "The oil works very well. Loving the close shave now.
Nice old school razor
Occams Crushed Lime Pre-Shave Soap "Nice old school razor
A Must-Have
Pacific Shaving Shave Oil, 1/2 Ounce "This has become a part of the routine, a few drops before lathering up. It does seem to give some more smoothness to the shave.
Alt-Innsbruck Pre/After shave
Alt-Innsbruck Pre and After Shave Emulsion "Not having been to Austria, I can’t say if AIPASE smells like an Austrian barbershop, but it’s scent, though a bit chemical, is pleasant and not overbearing. No stinging when used after a shave; appears to “treat” skin well for shaving. A bit on the pricey side, but it seems meant for sparing use, and so a bottle lasts well.
Great Stuff!
Floid Pre-Shave Oil "It's lighter than a lot of other pre-shaves. That is, it doesn't have the consistency of cooking oil, but it still does a great job. Has a nice clove-like scent too.
John Wayne wish he had this.
Proraso Pre & Post Cream, Menthol & Eucalyptus, 100ml "I found this site and bought 2 razors and a jar of the proraso menthol and euclyplus cream. my favorite razor is the Edwin jagger. feather razors are the sharpest. I shower and soap up my face and leave it on while I shower. the key is to keep your beard moist at all times. I wash off and put a hot towel on my face for 2 min. I use shaving oil, rub into my beard and more hot water, then the proraso goes on and then I shave. winner, winner chicken dinner, You must keep your beard moist and you will have a fantastic shave every time. I have saved a fortune, when I stopped bying the plastic junk with 10 blades,etc.
Proraso is the best!
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus "I have tried many soaps and pre shaves but I have determined that Proraso

is My brand. I always do pre shaves because my facial hair is very course.

This is my brand!
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