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Proraso is a huge name in wet shaving products, and the Pre & Post cream, being so unique, has been a big part of their success.  Continually one of our best selling products, we were excited to receive the new formulation.  All reports are that it is very similar to the previous version and just as good.

This Pre & Post cream is unique because it can be used to soften and prep the beard prior to your shave, and be used as a moisturizing aftershave when you're done.  It's wonderful for both.  It has that classic menthol and eucalyptus scent with the cooling kick you'd expect from Proraso.

Size: 100ml/3.6oz

Made in Italy.

Product Reviews
Great Buy!
<p>Im new to traditional shaving, but I have been doing a ton of research before buying all my products. This pre and post shaving cream works very well. I have very sensitive skin, mostly my neck. I put this on at the end of my shower and let the cream and steam soften my whiskers. I think it works better as an aftershave cream than a pre shave cream. All-in-all it's worth the $13. I absolutely love the smell when applying it in the morning. Helps wake me up almost as good as a nice cup of Joe.</p>
Most Tingly
I purchased this because I was curious about the tingling and cooling kick that people describe. It's definitely refreshing before and after the shave. It's got a smell that reminded me almost of Vick's vapor rub when I first opened it, but now I really enjoy it in contrast with the heat of the wet shave. I'm not sure if it's improved the quality/closeness of my shave, but it sure feels nice on my face.
Awesome product
This pre-shave is absolutely wonderful. Great protection for sensitive skins and provides a lovely menthol scent. Always in my rotation and great value as a little goes a long way.
This Stuff is Awesome....
The description doesn't do it justice. The menthol smell is mild and this stuff works best when the skin is wet. It also gives a better cooling affect than any menthol shave foam could ever hope to.
Oh, how I love thee!
This pre-shave is fantastic, and a must have in my opinion. It feels wonderful, and it definitely gives my shave an extra kick of smoothness, especially on my first pass. Plus, a little goes a long way, so you can get a lot of use out of the small jar. It smells more medicinal than other Proraso green products, but the results are worth it. Use it with the green shave cream and green after shave or Osage rub, and you won't feel your face for the rest of the day.
Far Exceeded Expectations!
I bought this primarily to use as an after shave product, but decided to actually try it in my pre shave prep (normally I use pre shave oil, which works well for me). I am happy to report that it far exceeded my expectations! After showering, I found this Proraso Cream really softened my whiskers and provided for an extremely smooth shave (I used C.O. Bigelow cream and a Merkur Progress razor with a Shark blade for this trial). For my after shave treatment I first used Proraso splash, and a few minutes later, followed up with this Proraso Pre Cream. Talk about a cool, refreshing way to get the day going. I will definitely be using the Pre Cream now as part of my rotation pre and post shave - it's fantastic! Two quick points: one, I only used a small amount for pre shave and used more for after shave and found that that was effective. Secondly, you have to like, or at least tolerate, the menthol experience; if you don't, you might be overwhelmed.
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