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Proraso is a huge name in wet shaving products, and the Pre & Post cream, being so unique, has been a big part of their success.  Continually one of our best selling products, we were excited to receive the new formulation.  All reports are that it is very similar to the previous version and just as good.

This Pre & Post cream is unique because it can be used to soften and prep the beard prior to your shave, and be used as a moisturizing aftershave when you're done.  It's wonderful for both.  It has that classic menthol and eucalyptus scent with the cooling kick you'd expect from Proraso.

Size: 100ml/3.6oz

Made in Italy.

Product Reviews
2nd Review - 6 weeks later.
I'm in love with this product.

As a preshave, it's slightly less slick than some shave oils, but it effectively moistens the skin, and softens the whiskers. Scent is invigorating Menthol, with a slight tingle. A solid buy, if this is all you plan to use it for.

As a post shave balm, it's even better. A tiny amount goes a long way, and absorbs in fairly quickly, without leaving you feeling greasy or leaving a residue that some after shave balm creams will (like Nivea) - the tingle really comes through after a shave, but is cooling and soothing, rather than most aftershaves that are bracing and tend to burn.

Very Mentholated!
Goes on slick, washes off easily.

Based on first shave alone, not sure that it'll replace a preshave oil for me, but time will tell.

Scent is strong, and will overpower your soap or cream
Enjoyable despite the consistancy and scent
I use this as a pre shave cream and feel like it makes for a better overall shave. The menthol does a great job of waking up my face and reducing any sensitivity I might be having.

The consistency is like a woman's skin care product - metallic creamy vs milky creamy. It is almost brittle in its consistency. It goes on like cleansing cream. None of that bothers me though, however it was unexpected.

The smell leaves a lot to be desired. That said, it allows you to use other products that may have other scents without clashing heavily.

For the price this is a great product and the slight issues I have are likely someone else's dream. For me this is better as a pre-shave cream than my more expensive Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-shave Oil, which I LOVE the smell of but feel impacts my overall shave minimally.
Very Nice!

I really like this product. It does provide for a near perfect shave, especially when paired with another mentholated soap or cream, though it will enhance with anything I imagine. You can use more or less to get a light menthol flair or a heavy sensation. If I were to find any fault with this product, it would be that pairing it with a non menthol soap or cream can be an issue. It does what it is supposed to, but paired with, say... an almond cream, the menthol kind of over powers any almond sweetness, no matter how little you may use. I rotate a number of various creams and soaps daily for variety's sake, and find that as much as I would like to use it with each, it can take away the the original pleasure of another product. That aside, I highly recommend it. I have a very sensitive face, and this has caused me no issues whatsoever. And paired with Proraso's own cream, it's a real treat! The combination is unbelievable. I like to tone it down afterwards with Nivea's Sensitive Post Shave Balm.
Great Buy!
<p>Im new to traditional shaving, but I have been doing a ton of research before buying all my products. This pre and post shaving cream works very well. I have very sensitive skin, mostly my neck. I put this on at the end of my shower and let the cream and steam soften my whiskers. I think it works better as an aftershave cream than a pre shave cream. All-in-all it's worth the $13. I absolutely love the smell when applying it in the morning. Helps wake me up almost as good as a nice cup of Joe.</p>
Most Tingly
I purchased this because I was curious about the tingling and cooling kick that people describe. It's definitely refreshing before and after the shave. It's got a smell that reminded me almost of Vick's vapor rub when I first opened it, but now I really enjoy it in contrast with the heat of the wet shave. I'm not sure if it's improved the quality/closeness of my shave, but it sure feels nice on my face.
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