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Proraso has been a best seller in Italy for decades.  We've been stocking it at West Coast Shaving for years and it has sold just as well for us across the pond.  This is the new formulation, however it still contains coconut oil, eucalyptus and menthol, the winning combination so beloved.

From all reports and our own investigation, Proraso has winner with this reformulation.  Gone is the slightly medicinal scent some found in the previous version.  The menthol cooling affect everyone loves is still there.  And best yet, it's even slicker than before, which was already a great performer.  Some fear reformulations, but this one should be celebrated.

Size: 150ml tube

Made in Italy

Product Reviews
Wakes me up
I love all three of the Proraso shaving creams I've tried (Red, Green, Blue). While I may put the Red and Blue slightly ahead of the green, this is still a great shaving cream, and the only one that has that menthol refreshing feeling. Give it a try!
Lacks Performance But Good Staying Power
This cream lacks performance. I had to use double the amount of cream to get a decent lather out of it. The cooling affect wasn't that good and the slickness isn't to good either. It did ok in terms of cushioning ability and the lather has an extreme amount of staying power. The scent is a mild medicine type of a scent which can be tolerated. I gave it 3 stars for the staying power.
Very good shaving cream
Been wet shaving for a few months,and this cream was very good(i prefer the soap). pleasant smell,great lather and provides great shave.
Poor scent
Works reasonably well in regards to performance but has a very disappointing scent. The new formula does not measure up to the previous version from Proraso. Much better is the red sandalwood version.
Best feeling cream I've used
Proraso green is, by far, my favorite shaving cream in regards to how it feels. It cools the skin perfectly, and the new formulation allows for a closer and smoother shave compared to the old stuff. Yes, it had a bit of a medicinal smell, but the menthol covers it up for the most part. Although the new formulation seems thinner than the old, it still whips up a great lather that doesn't need to be rehydrated during my usual 3-pass shave. A must have!
Proraso does have a distinct smell, but it reminds me of going to my dad's barber when I was a boy. I used this in combination with the green preshave. With a quality brush this whips up nicely. I shaved with zero irritation, XTG. When you finish with a cold rinse you will definately feel refreshed and invigorated. This is a definate buy.
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