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Provence Sante

Provence Santé is both simple and complex. Simple in that they aim to bring us authentic, geographically inspired soaps and grooming products using skin healthy and natural ingredients. Complex in that they go to great lengths to ensure this goal and their philosophies are implemented from start to finish. It is this careful balance between modern technology and being true to your environment which sets them, and their toiletries apart. (And a side note, they started doing this years before it became a trend in the beauty and shaving markets.) As stewards of the environment, using natural and organic ingredients, all is manufactured in a leading French laboratory specializing in globe friendly production methods. Packaging is designed to minimize materials to only those needed to protect the product and provide for necessary labeling. All products are tested on humans right on site. They are a small company and employs a similar number of people as we do here, so we have a kindred spirit.

Provence Sante Grooming Products
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Provence Sante Reviews
Provence Sante Green Tea Aftershave
Provence Sante Green Tea Aftershave "I really love this scent, but at ill equipped to describe it. Really like nothing else I've tried, I guess it is tea I'm smelling. would be ok with me if the scent was a little stronger and lasted all day. I would also like a version with alcohol in it. It is moisturizing and is not sticky. fine modern aftershave that I will continue to buy.
Better than expected... ordered three more!
Provence Sante Green Tea Cologne "I really didn't expect much from a Green Tea scent, I was completely surprised by the spicy Green Tea. Two sprays on my right forearm and I can't stop sniffing myself, great Spring/ early Summer scent... three more on the way, it's that nice!
Better scent than Verlaine
Provence Sante Green Tea Shaving Soap Refill I create a dense lather with this soap by loading the brush about 150-200 swirls on the soap, then working the lather on my face for 1-2 minutes, adding drops of water as necessary. The water hardness is that of Toronto city water. I have had similarly good results with a Plisson type synthetic brush as well as an Edwin Jagger black fibre synthetic.

The smell of the green tea version is, to my nose, much better than the Verlaine, which I really did not like.

Based on my estimate of 1.25 grams per shave (I have been keeping a soap journal), I expect around 80 shaves for this 100g size of soap, which would be around 3 months of daily use.

I consider the price-to-performance ratio to be acceptable but not as good as soaps costing half as much (Palmolive stick for example).
Great fragrance, but...
Provence Sante Green Tea Aftershave Provence Sante Green Tea (The Vert) is a wonderful scent and a very refreshing aftershave splash; however, the bottle is a HUGE disappointment. My first time dispensing this aftershave into my palm, I found the hole in the bottle neck to be immense and i lost about 1/5th of the contents on counter top and sink. Whoever is in charge of bottling at Provence needs a stern reprimand. This bottle is USELESS! Anyway, don't be like me and expect the bottle to actually function and dispense a small amount of product. This product truly deserves 5 stars,; unfortunately, the bottle sucks.
Great Deal
Provence Sante Green Tea Cologne.Great scent, good price. Nice and subtle.
Clear favorite
Provence Sante Green Tea Shaving Soap Refill.This soap has a rich, creamy lather that stays moist on you face. Shaves wonderfully and the scent is one of my favorites. 3.5 oz cake seems to last forever, so amazing value too.
Wonderful fragrance
Provence Sante Green Tea Cologne.This is a great cologne for spring (or a nice "pick-me-up" in winter). It's light but lasts a long time on me. It's not a big, overbearing fragrance and is on the "sweet" side. It's certainly not cloying or sickly sweet, though. I agree that it's worth a try for the money, and I always have some on hand in my shave den.
Wonderful Product
Provence Sante Green Tea Aftershave.I really don't like many aftershaves or colognes, but this product is really the best I have tried. It has a very light fragrance and a slightly creamy texture that works great on any razor burn. Above all the price is reasonable especially given its obvious quality.
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