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This grade of hair is the least expensive badger option. It is often darker or even black in color. It does not hold as much water as the higher-end grades of hair, but still is effective in creating a lather and lifting the whiskers.

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Pure Badger Shaving Brushes Reviews
Very good Value
this brush is a very good quality for it's price so a great value. It is a bit loose and not as shapely as a high end brush but it holds lather well and actually is nicer than I expected for the price.
Nice Brush
A good every day brush for the money and will get the job done. Not too soft, holds just enough water to work up a good lather and keep it shape when finished.
Edwin Jagger Travel Brush
Awesome brush… everything I needed!
Why pay more?
After being very satisfied with a Parker BHPB for the past three years, I was looking for a comparable brush with a slightly larger handle and a little more loft. Having tried a number of more expensive brushes from well-known brands, I came back to WCS for the Parker WHPB and now that I've used it for a couple of weeks (shaving daily) I can say it's exactly what I have been looking for. It's a slightly larger version of the BHPB with a little more backbone - perfect! I use the two for creams, Proraso red and Bigelow, and use a Simpson Commodore X2 for Proraso white croap in the tub (hopefully, WCS will be adding the new Proraso white in the tube) in regular rotation. Don't let the low price fool you - this is a great brush that feels and works as well as brushes costing 2 - 3 times more.
Parker Badger Shaving Brush
This Parker Badger hair brush is great for the price, makes a great lather.
Great brush!
This brush is an excellent "first" badger brush. Much less expensive than silver tip, not much more than a good boar brush. Just enough backbone and an intermediate "skritchiness" with the softness of badger. I really like this brush, maybe more so than my silver tip badger...I do like a bit of skritchy.
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