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Edwin Jagger Pure Badger

The Edwin Jagger pure badger shaving brushes make a very economical option. While good with creams as well, this entry-level tool will create a great lather on a soap as you develop the art of wet-shaving. For some, that are used to a higher-end brush you may feel this is a bit scrubby, but it's sure to do the trick and get the job done.

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Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Reviews
Edwin Jagger Travel Brush
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush, Nickel Plated.Awesome brush??_ everything I needed!
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush, Nickel Plated.Love the design! Knurled metal at brush head allows use with or without the handle (case). Big enough brush to work up and hold a good lather. BUT, I would have gladly paid an extra $20-30 for a higher quality hair. The pure badger hair is very coarse and "sticky/spikey"! Fine if you're painting on your lather but if you're swirling on the lather with the tips of the hair, you're GONNA feel it! Full Disclosure: The brush is new and may soften up considerably with use. If so, I'll certainly amend my review. Still would have preferred a higher quality badger, though.
Beautiful and great functioning brush
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Imitation Ebony, Nickel Plated.I got this brush after using the wooden Tweezerman brush. I must say, what an upgrade. This brush holds a LOT of water. It's very gentle and soft on the face but firm enough to create a really nice lather. The handle is very comfortable and solid-feeling. As far as shedding, I'm really impressed. After unpacking and using it for the first time, I'm expecting the sink to look like I shaved a badger. That's not the case at all. I think I had one, or at the most, two hairs shed on first use. After that, zero shedding. It says "entry level" in the description, but I don't believe I'll be upgrading. This brush works great for me.
Edwin Jagger scores a run with this item.
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush, Black Aluminum Handle.I just received and used my EJ Pure Badger Travel Brush Black Aluminum. It is smaller than what I thought so it is perfect for travel (which is why I purchased it) It is sturdy and easy to assemble and use; although I had to re-tighten once while I was lathering, but that's not a big deal. I suggest you use it a couple of times before you take it on the road because it has the traditional badger smell after it is wet. I washed it with regular hair shampoo before I used it for the first time and it still had a strong smell, however if you are a regular Badger Brush user you know that smell will go away after 2 or 3 shaves. Originally I was planning on taking one of my regular brushes on the road and put them inside an old plastic pill tube. But this travel brush will surely do a great job. Edwin Jagger scored a big run with this item.
Great Brush
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Imitation Ivory.As a beginner, I wasn't looking to spend a ton of money to complete my shaving set. This brush feels great, and I was able to work up a perfect lather very easily. I would definitely recommend this brush to any beginner.
Good Travel Brush
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush, Silver Aluminum Handle .I bought this specifically as a travel brush and it works great. I strongly recommend this as a good value. Other than it's good looks, what makes it so good? Compact size, builds a good lather (not great, but good enough), soft enough (remember this is a travel brush), and reasonably priced compared to other travel brushes. This is probably nit-picky, but to me the only flaw in the design is the drying. The single perforation at the bottom of the handle doesn't provide any airflow to dry the brush when it's packed, this is because the brush knot end sits on top of it and the brush end faces out but doesn't have the opportunity to fan out. If you want the knot to last don't pack it right after a shave. Carrying a rubber band and using that as modified way to hang dry the brush on a knob works as a good way to dry it upside down like a proper brush.
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