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From Roman times up until the present day, alum has been used as a post-shave treatment. Recently, it's seen a revival in popularity among men who appreciate a good shaving experience from start to finish.

To use this product, splash some cold water over your face and then rub with the alum stick. You'll find that it tightens the skin, soothes irritation or razor burn, and leaves your skin feeling toned and refreshed. This item is also known for its antiperspirant and deodorizing properties ' in fact, it's long been in use in Middle Eastern countries for exactly that purpose ' so you'll appreciate the rounded tip for underarm use.

If you've gone a little overboard while shaving, this takes care of nicks or minor cuts without the sting you'd expect from a styptic pencil. Of course if you've really gouged yourself, this won't help, but perhaps a little more practice with the razor will!

The RazoRock Alum Stick comes in a convenient case that's ideal for travel as well!

Size: 60g

Made in Thailand.

Product Reviews
Good product but small
I wanted to try Alum for post shave and not knowing if I'd like it, I found the smallest and cheapest decently regarded product I could. And it's exactly as advertised. I works great at toning up my skin after shaving. The case makes it easy to store in my cabinet and the base is easy to hold. It is smaller than I imagined it would be, which makes application to my entire face take longer than I'd expected and harder to know if I've missed any spots. I think I'll upgrade to a larger size eventually and keep this for travel.
Great Product
I have been using an alum block, the one you hold with your hand. This product is perfect for travel, comes in its own container and works great. It's small but for the price it is werll worth it. Great Product from RazoRock!
Perfect for Travel
At home, I use my Osma alum block after every shave. But I am on the road 3-4 weeks every month, and my face and I both missed the alum whilst traveling. This RazoRock Alum is great for the traveler. Because of its shape, I don't like it as well as my Osma block, but on the road it is an aftershave blessing.
Way better than an ordinary block
I loved the concept of having it's own container to store it in rather than an ordinary block. Sure it's a little on the smaller side but I don't mind. Great product for the price!
Way too small for an alum block
This is way smaller than I expected it to be. It's so small, that it's perfect for traveling. It hurts like a lot when you apply this directly after a cold water-rinsed face and neck. How is this supposed to heal razor burn when it irritates the skin? Soothe irritated skin? No, it does not. It will cause more irritation than relieve. Don't expect his seal cuts either. It does a terrible job at that too.
Great product
This works perfectly for odor prevention under arms, mid-shave application to make fingers better able to stretch skin, and post-shave treatment. The shape & holder are great compared to a block with corners and edges, although the base of the alum becomes loose in the holder if water gets down there.
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