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We offer a wide array of top-notch double edge blades from around the world. High quality razor blades from Astra, Merkur, Lord, Bic, Gillette, Wikinson, Iridium Super, Dorco, Nacet, Derby, Shark, Treet, Feather and more...We pride ourselves in our selection of different types to ensure the perfect shave.

Razor Blades Sample Packs
Razor Blades Sample Packs
5 & 10 Razor Blade Pack
5 & 10 Razor Blade Pack
50 & 100 Razor Blade Packs
50 & 100 Razor Blade Packs
Straight Razor Blades
Straight Razor Blades
Other Razors
Other Razors
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Razor Blade Education

The double edge razor blades are what make shaving possible. The razor blades come in different materials, coating, and levels of sharpness. All the DE razor blades brands fit all standard double edge safety razors.

What is the best Razor blade for me?

The material, coating, and grind of the razor blades affect how smooth and sharp the blade is. Each characteristic affects how the blade shaves. We find that each person's skin reacts differently to different razor blades, so we suggest testing many different types of razor blades. That is exactly why we created the Razor Blade Sample Packs.

Razor Blade Packs

We sell razor blades by the pack (5 -10 blades), as well as in bulk quantities (50-100 blades) for extra savings. We have a few different sample packs that sell multiple different brands together at a discounted price. We also have injector razor blades that are made for specific straight razors.

Razor Blades Reviews
Polsilver Super Iridium
Been DE shaving for about 6 months with drug store blades, recently discovered West Coast Shaving and first order included various brands of blades. Whipped out a Polsilver Super Iridium and MAN what a difference! Really smooth & close shave on first try (3 passes) and looking forward to shaving with with the same blade to test longevity. I have several other brands to try but the Polsilver has set the bar for me right now!
Sharpest & most comfortable bases ever.
These blades have provided me a terrific shaving experience by making it comfortable, with an unequal sharpness, bar none.
A Great Sampling of Blades
First of all, I’m returning to DE shaving after a 40+ year hiatus (way too long) so I thought a good sampling of blades along with the new Merkur 38C would be wise. I ordered both on a Monday and I was shaving with all the new stuff on Thursday. Great service on all accounts from West Coast Shaving.

I was told by WCS customer service the blades, in order of sharpness, were as follows (least sharp to sharpest): Derby, Bic, Dorco, Crystal, Astra, Merkur, Red Personna, Gillette, Feather.

FOR ME (heavier beard but not walrus-like), here are my findings:

I found the Derby to shave okay but it’s not too sharp.

Bic should stick to making pens and lighters. Not a great shave.

The Dorco was a bit better than the above, but not the closest shave. There was a bit of tugging and some irritation from all three of these.

The Crystal was smoother, but still not the closest shave.

The Astra is where I started noticing the biggest difference. Shaving was smoother, no tugging, and just a wee bit of irritation.

The Merkur and Personna both gave a good clean shave, hardly any razor burn, no nicks.

The Gillette 7 o’clock was a step above. Very close shave, no irritation or burn; a very sharp blade.

The Feather was the best of the lot for me. Very, very sharp providing a smooth, clean shave, no tugging, no irritation whatsoever. This is the blade I settled on.

Another couple of notes about the Feathers: Most of the reviews imply that if you don’t have your technique down pat there is a good chance of self-beheading during your morning shave. I didn’t find anything of the sort. Yeah, they are sharp, but with a bit of experience you shouldn’t have any problems. Of course, this can depend on the aggressiveness of your razor, too.

As mentioned, I have a heavier beard (the gray seems to make it worse). I get 3-4 really good shaves from one Feather blade. I tried six shaves and although the last one was okay, you could definitely notice the blade not cutting very well.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to give as much info as I could about my results with the blades I tried.

I feel the extended sampler pack is a great choice as it offers a fairly comprehensive sampling of blades.
DE Blade Sampler Pack
I purchased this sampler pack after moving to DE shaving. While my first shave was with the Mercur blade, I tried the Feather and fell in love with this blade. I have tried the Astra, not so impressed and went back to a Mercur and find the Feather my favorite. I still have other in the pack to try so I am eager to find where I finally land. Thanks for offering such an inexpensive way for a new DE shaver to try several options for shaving!
Super Sharp!
These blades are super sharp and very strong. I like Feather blades because they do not bend, but they are very strong and sharp.
That's silver tipped badger kid
That's silver tipped badger kid !