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Razor Strops & Hones

Straight razors are the the pinnacle of wet shaving, but they do require some maintenance to keep them performing. A leather strop to prep the blade or a hone to keep it sharp, we have what you need when you shave the "cut-throat" way.

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Before every shave, you'll want to strop on one of our leather strops. Although we have to work very hard to keep it in stock, we highly recommend the Walkin Horse horsebutt. However, Herold strops are our recommendation if you want to get something at a more economical price point. Hint: they make strops for other famous brands, but we buy direct and pass the huge savings on to you. Make sure you pick up a conditioner to keep the leather soft and to avoid cracks.

Eventually, you'll need to touch up the straight edge blade just from use or even more if you manage to damage the edge. The Norton waterstone is a great all purpose hone and will get your razor back in shaving condition. If you just need a quick edge refinement, a paddle strop with a paste is the way to go.

If you're confused, contact us and we'll walk you through the options.

Razor Strops & Hones Reviews
Great Strop
Illinois Razor Strop #827 "I was looking for an economical replacement for the practice strop that came with my razor and this Strop more than fits the bill easy to use, not so expensive that I'm afraid to break it being a new straight razor shaver. My razor has never been smoother or sharper than since it met this strop and consequently this has led to much better shaves
Sharpened my razor with ease
Illinois Razor Strop #827 "Sharpened my razor with ease
Strop review
Illinois Razor Strop #127 "I have no previous experience with razor strops so I cannot reasonably compare. I'm happy with the quality of this strop and it's a nice useable length. VERY impressed with WCS customer service.
Not happy
Norton Waterstone 4000/8000 3" Combo "I have actually not yet received my Sharpening stone or my strop yet, which I have been patiently waiting for. Can you please look into why it has not yet been delivered ?
My First Strop
Illinois Razor Strop #827 "I really like the looks and feel of this strop, it is my first one so I have no foundation to base this review on other than first impression, however, I have enjoyed it so far.
Sturdy and well constructed. Works
American Mountain 2" Strop with D Rings, Black Sturdy and well constructed. Works perfectly right out of the box without a break in period
I am happy with this product.
Illinois Razor Strop #827 Looks great. Not expensive compared to other strops out there. Durable leather. Gets the job done. I strop before and after I shave and my straight razor cuts my facial hair like a hot knife through butter.
First Strop
American Mountain 3" Strop with D Rings, Black Latigo LeatherLong time safety razor user, recently started straight razor shaving, after looking through several sites went with this for the size (3") and value, works great..
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