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Same Great Blade.  New UK Packaging.

Red Personna Israeli double edge razor blades that fit all standard double edge razors. They are a stainless steel blade with a "Platinum Chrome" coating for smooth shaving.

10 packs of 10 blades each (100 blades total).

Made in Israel.

Product Reviews
Great Blade
With the combination of my Merkur 34c and the Red Personna blades I get at least 4 close and smooth comfortable shaves. As usual there was fast service from WCS
Great Everyday Razor
After trying many brands and types. This is currently my favorite for everyday shaving. It did not get as close of a shave as a Feather or Merkur but it was much more gentle on the skin and provided a better shave than everything else I have not listed. Your skin and beard may differ, but for the price this is an awesome blade that provides a smooth shave.
armchair comfy
These blades are my "baby bear" blades: easy, predictable, comfortable, and juuuust right. And, they're inexpensive. I've lost count how many times these have been recommended. The only thing that's red is the packaging - your face will not be.
My go to blades
These blades are by far my favorite. These Personna blades are the perfect blade in my opinion. You cannot go worng with these. For anyone wondering yes these are the exact same as the Personna red's, I have done several actual shave comparisons.
A Nearly Perfect Blade
For my face, these blades represent a perfect middle ground between sharpness and smoothness. Forgiving, but still capable of delivering a great shave, even in a mild razor. I've been using them a long time, and only got one dud, so these are pretty consistent blades, too. If Feathers are too sharp, and Derbys too dull, you need to try these blades. The price for 100 is pretty unbeatable. Thanks for the great deal WCS!
Very satisfied with the Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades - UK
I am very satisfied whit this blade. I am glad that I am going back in the old time when this type of blade was popular in our country, now very rare to get around here. I will try others but for the mean time this one is the champion. Andre
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