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Red Personna Israeli double edge razor blades that fit all standard double edge razors. They are a stainless steel blade with a "Platinum Chrome" coating for smooth shaving.

20 packs of 5 blades each (100 blades total).

Clarification on origin and labeling: The labeling states "Product produced, assembled and packaged with blades made by American Safety Razor Company - Since 1875.  Staunton VA 24482, USA."  The packaging is made and assembled in Mexico.  Additionally, it states "Imported and distributed Personna International de Mexico."  The blades are made in Israel, imported to Mexico where they do the final packaging.

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Product Reviews
best for least
From feathers to Gillette blues- I like these best. They are great in an old Gillette adjustable razor.
Excellent Value and Great Performance
Being a recent convert to wet-shaving it took me a little while to find the perfect blade. Well, I finally did. Having Sensitive skin but coarse facial hair I needed a good smooth and sharp blade. Well, these fit the bill perfectly. But as always YMMV. Now back to my sensitive skin. I only shave every other day. That means a 100 pack of these blades , at using a blade for only 3 shaves should last me 1 year and 8 months. 20 dollars for almost 2 years worth of blades means more money in my pocket, and we all know we want to save it when we can.
Painless Persona
Got these in the sampler pack. I've used them for five straight days now, and only one tiny nick which was quickly erased with a little rub of the alum block. My face feels so smooth and refreshed after shaving with this blade, and never irritated. To each his own, but I highly recommend the Persona, especially for those who easily nick themselves. Another reason to give up the cartridge.
Not what I expected.
I originally purchased a 10 pack of Personna Platinum (Red Pack Personnas)from bullgooseshaving. I loved them. They cut very smooth and close with no irritation. I thought I would try these since they were supposed to be the same thing, only in the original red packaging. These are nothing like the ones from bullgoose. These were very painful to shave with. The first blade cut me up pretty badly and irritated my skin a lot. I thought maybe it was a dud, so I tried others. The next 2 that I tried (from a different pack) were not quite as bad, but not as good as expected. I would get one "tolerable" shave and then the second shave would nick me to death and irritate my skin. I also noticed that one the last two blades I used that they did not cut the same on each side. One side would nick and irritate more than the other. I'll go back to the personnas at bullgoose. I have no idea why they are different, but they most definately are.
I choose these over feathers!
For daily shaving these are the way to go. The feathers have their place for heavy beards but for me they just don't work. Maybe it's just advertising but there's something about the platinum coating on these that refine the blade to perfection. The feathers don't seem to have this and I smell an unpleasant metallic odor after each shave. Also, with these I get BBS shaves every time with no cuts, not so with the feathers. The feathers can have their fame but I like these budget priced blades that I find to be better.
My best blade in a slant
I use a Merkur 37c and I have an extremely tough grain on my face. Very thick hair. These blades work the best for me. I find the feathers irritate my face for whatever reason. From these I get no irritation, no nicks, and just a great smooth shave. I now have 5 years worth of these blades. Awesome customer service as usual from West Coast Shaving.
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