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Safety Razors

Double edge safety razors offer a great close shave with less maintenance and time than a straight edge. Along with convenience, DE razors also offer the protection of a safety bar whether it is open or closed comb. We also offer adjustable options from Merkur. We recommend changing the blade between 1-10 days to have the smoothest shave. Most people experience a great reduction in irritation and the benefit of a closer shave when switching to a safety razor. We offer a range of price points in this category and are happy to help with recommendations to fit your budget. This is an investment piece, which will bring you great savings throughout the life of the razor because of the affordable cost of the blades. Choose from our huge selection from Baxter of California, D.R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, Feather, Goodfella, Merkur, Muhle, Parker and more.

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