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Razor Blades Sample Packs

Sample packs are how we got our start! Blade selection is a critical part of the process for the novice wet-shaver. The best and only way to find the perfect shave is to try different double edge razor blades, as each person's experience is unique.

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Our range of blades is extensive, and the difference from one to another is extreme. Each package contains quite a few blades--we think it's a great deal! Instead of using an entire box from one brand, we recommend rotating from brand to brand, as you may have a different opinion on a blade after trying a few other brands. On the packs that include a Feather blade, we always like to note that it's the sharpest and best to try last! All fit our wide assortment of safety razors.

Razor Blades Sample Packs Reviews
Good Choice.Little bonus.
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice "I can use all of these blades, though I don't love the Derbys. Note the description says 5 Personna Reds, but you get ten. A nice bonus. Same thing happens if you get the Lady Sample pack. I like all the blades in that one.
i bought this for my
Lady's Choice Sample Pack "i bought this for my wife and she is very pleased with the choices so far,
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice "At $0.30 per blade this pack is a little on the pricey side for DE Blades. It is a decent way for new DE shavers to experiment with different blades out. I would recommend it.
Great sample pack and will
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice "Great sample pack and will be ordering from them again.
On the way to find the perfect blade for me
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "Nice sample pack. Still working my way through it. Had a couple of decent ones a few duds. But this is what it's all about right. Definitely like dealing with west coast for sure.
fun way to start with a straight razor
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Standard "just working through these and this is a nice way to try blades. Good recommendation from the WCS team.
You won't regret it.
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "So I've been with DG DE and Dorco for some time now, I've been wanting to try other blades and this was probably the best way to try. Of course I'm not going to like everything in it. It's a sample pack. You'll only know what works best for Your skin type with Your hair type in Your razor by trial and error. Try it once and find your best shave.
Totally satisfied
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "More blades than I can realistically go through in months. Very helpful/educational for comparison as expected. Very fast service, and super-courteous customer service.
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