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Razor Blades Sample Packs

Sample packs are how we got our start! Blade selection is a critical part of the process for the novice wet-shaver. The best and only way to find the perfect shave is to try different double edge razor blades, as each person's experience is unique.

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Our range of blades is extensive, and the difference from one to another is extreme. Each package contains quite a few blades--we think it's a great deal! Instead of using an entire box from one brand, we recommend rotating from brand to brand, as you may have a different opinion on a blade after trying a few other brands. On the packs that include a Feather blade, we always like to note that it's the sharpest and best to try last! All fit our wide assortment of safety razors.

Razor Blades Sample Packs Reviews
Great service, fast shipping
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice This is obviously a great way to sample blades and they arrived quickly. 5 star service
The Best
Lady's Choice Sample Pack My wife loves it and feels she will save a bundle, which she told me she will spend on shoes. LOL. Oh well at least we have gotten away from the over priced 4 bladed plastic shavers.
Couldn't believe how fast the
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice Couldn't believe how fast the product arrived!
Perfect for a new shaver
Lady's Choice Sample Pack I was really happy that this pack was offered since I am brand new to using this type of razor. So far I have only tried 2 brands, but I am already seeing the difference between the 2 so I’m glad I decided to get a sample pack first before I decide which one I like best.
Perfect for finding the blade that suits you best
All of us have different types of facial hair and skin, but I'm sure you'll find a blade that works for you in this lot...I did.
Excellent kit for finding your blade!
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice "I really enjoyed trying a bunch of different blades in this kit while making sure I find what is best for me. Let me rank them:

Derby: Kinda meh, did their thing, pulled a little.... ok.

Feather: Super sharp, nicked me everytime I shaved. Kinda uneven shave, slight neck rash. I felt my beard was too thick for this one. Shaved great at day 4, but then only for a couple of days. My rash wasn't worth it.

Chrystal Stainless Steel: Stayed sharp all week, very consistent got a week out of them. Not my favorite, but reliable.

Astra: I seemed to like the shave on these the most. Day 4 dragged a little as i felt the blade was worn. Good value even if switching every 4 days.

Red Personna: Cut like the Astra, but seemed to hold its edge longest (5 days, maybe 7 depending on my technique). I think this is my best buy.

So there, check prices here and amazon as a few blades WCS beats, and a couple amazon does. I still have about 6 mo of shaving left with what is left of this kit. So not bad.
DE Blade Sampler Review
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Standard "I am new to DE shaving. Always thought it was my fathers shaving method. Used an electric ten a BIC four and three blade razor. But I bought into the DE blades and this sample pack is so great I am a believer. Even got my son to try and he too loved the sampler pack. I ordered another to try and am about to focus in on one.
Good for a newbie like me.
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice "A tad pricey but better than ending up with 100 blades you don't like. I still can't really tell the difference between most of them, but I'll cycle through once more now that I am getting used to shaving with them.
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