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Did you know that if you're shaving every day with a combination of typical products, you might be using as many as 25 different chemicals on your skin? All that before your first cup of coffee -- now that's a thought that could send you straight back to bed to hide out under the covers, or have you contemplating the growth of a serious mountain man beard. No worries. Shavex cuts down on the chemical cocktail of grooming with their natural Alum blocks. Popular throughout North America and the UK, these single-ingredient blocks are distinguishable as the most advanced alum products on the market by their translucency and lack of powdery residue. The natural potash alum used by Shavex is treated through advanced proprietary methods to reduce stinging and powdery texture, while still delivering full-strength antibacterial properties. So relax, come out from under the covers, and shave.

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