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What's a wet shave without the lather? Shaving creams offer the lubrication that you need to get a smooth shave. You will find only the best performing, quality shaving creams, all tested and approved by our staff. (And they won't come in a can!)

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We only offer products we'd use ourselves. (And they won't come in a can!) We've scoured the globe to bring you hard-to-find old world classics, like Cella and Ingram, modern creams such as Jack Black and The Gentlemens Refinery, and of course, wet shaving giants including Geo F. Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Edwin Jagger.

Shaving Cream Reviews
Great Shaving Soap
Reading the ratings made me order the Proraso shave cream,soap. I was a little reluctant to try a soap after using creams, but the positive reviews convinced me. Those reviews are spot on. I can work up a thick soft lather quickly, first in hand then on face. The lather is more protective than any cream I've used which allows a very close shave and no nicks except minor ones, and that's because of my individual face contours. The "fragrance" is low key and strange but not unpleasant. Every safety razor shaver needs to try Proraso.
Product is easy to work
Product is easy to work with
A very fine product
Another fine sandalwood product option for me.
The Only Cream I Use
I have sensitive skin and avoid products with fragrances and extra added ingredients that only serve to irritate my skin. I want a product that provides a smooth, comfortable shave with no noticeable smell or annoying irritants. I’ve tried numerous creams/soaps geared to the sensitive skin and natural shaver. TOBS Natural eclipsed them all. I now use it exclusively. No smell, easy to lather, great cushioning. Priced right as well.
Classic and effective
I love the smell of TABAC, and the tube version doesn't disappoint. Easier to lather up than the soap, with nearly equal properties for shaving. This is a very good product.
A little goes a long way
I received this shaving cream as a Christmas gift .... the tube lasted until September and I was so pleased, I reordered. Just a small amount on my brush and I can lather up my whole face --- sets up the beard nicely for an excellent, smooth shave. Very happy with this product.