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What's a wet shave without the lather? Shaving creams offer the lubrication that you need to get a smooth shave. We offer shaving creams from vendors like Proraso, Taylor of Old Bond St, Cella, Geo F Trumpers, Truefitt and Hill and many more. New to Shaving Creams? Get a quick education HERE and shop our shaving cream sample packs to help you figure out what you like.

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We only offer products we'd use ourselves. (And they won't come in a can!) We've scoured the globe to bring you hard-to-find old world classics, like Cella and Ingram, modern creams such as Jack Black and The Gentlemens Refinery, and of course, wet shaving giants including Geo F. Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Edwin Jagger.

Shaving Cream Reviews
A little goes a long
A little goes a long way. Good, close shave
TOBS aftershave
I've tried a number of aftershaves but I have to say that their Sandalwood scent is quite good and lasts a little longer than I anticipated, which I quite like. I'll be ordering more in the future.
Great cream!
This cream is great!
Perfect exsperance with the whole process!!!
The Best
I have been wet shaving with a brush for over 55 years. Although I am not a fan of the scent of the sandalwood shaving cream, this Vulfix cream is the best cream or soap that I have ever used a smoother, faster, and more comfortable shave than GF Trumper or TOBS.
Best I've tried so far.
Smells amazing. Lather is easy. I already bought another one.
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