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When you think classic shaving, there's nothing more traditional than lathering up with a quality shaving soap. The simplicity is divine and whipping up a lather from a hard soap brings a sense of nostalgia to the morning shave.

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Shaving Soap Education

Shaving Soaps traditionally come in a hard shaving puck that is similar in size to a hockey puck and similar in consistency to body soap. We carry a wide spectrum of shaving soaps including glycerin based, triple milled soaps, natural soaps, and tallow based soaps. We are proud to carry many small batch handcrafted artisan soaps as well.

Face Lather vs Bowl Lather

Most shaving soaps are made to be placed at the bottom of a shave bowl and to lather directly on the soap puck. The lather is developed in the bowl. A shaving soap stick can be used to face lather. Use the stick to spread some of the soap on your face, and then use the shaving brush to build the lather directly on your face.

Shaving Soaps Reviews
Nice soap
I love Proraso Green, great shaving soap. Very easy to lather, and you get a ton of lather with very little effort. Nice and slick, great smell, nice shave. And I like the bracing menthol and eucalyptus. Good price too. :)
diamond in the rough
decided to try this out just to see and was blown away by the lather on this soap. especially for a non tallow soap. think it gets lost in the shuffle at it's price point with bigger name soap out there but more than holds it's own. has a lovely scent and a great post shave fell. definitely a good sleeper.
Near perfect
This stuff rocks!! I've used gels, regular foam shave cream. This soap is the best. I have less bums and cuts. I love the feeling when the menthol kicks in.
Less is more...
When I was a child my father would let me "shave" using his blade less butterfly razor and nearly an inch of aerosol can cream lathered on my face. When I grew up and began shaving for real I still over lathered but gradually learned how less is more. I am so grateful that West Coast offers Truefitt & Hill shaving soaps.

I was first gifted one of their soaps by someone that had traveled across the pond. On first use I began to appreciate the simplicity of soap in a bowl as opposed to cream. It lathers up very nicely yet you will not get a foam like those you do using tubed or canned or from a bowl/tub cream. That being said though, I get an exceptional frothy lather. One full brush gives me enough for two complete passes/shaves. For those that may question the value or lather my suggestion would be to use a more stiff shaving brush as do I for this product. I wet my brush, squeeze out most of the excess water, and whisk the soap briskly. Put a little elbow grease into it. In seconds I have what I need. Plenty of froth to schmear my face twice with a thinner yet highly effective and extremely protective coat of lather.

Not only do Truefitt & Hill shaving soaps exceed my expectations, their scented varieties are fragrant but subtle and they are very well worth their cost. These soaps last an extremely long time. I also value their creams in a bowl/tub for some variety and comparable quality.

Truefitt & Hill will undoubtedly help you define luxury shaving and assist in helping you get the most incredible shave possible.

Thank you W.C.S.!
Lanolin makes the best lather.
Lanolin makes the best lather. you razor glides on your face. Great product!!!
Pinaud Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder
I take blood thinners. My A nicks bleed longer than the average. When the alum block or the styptic stick do not work I turn to the powder. I use the same styptic powder (from the pet store) that I use on my dog when I clip his nails too close to the quick. It woks fine (for the dog and me). The drawback is that the powder is coarse and leave a noticeable black crust on my face - sometimes for days as it takes that long for the bleeding to stop. I figured the Pinaud would be a finer powder and leave less of a crust. It is and it does. But I have a problem with the Pinaud "delivery system." The opening in the tube is so small that almost no powder comes out and I have to unscrew the top to get an aadequate amount, but because it is so fine, I end up with too much powder in my hand. It's probably a good product, but I'm going back to the dog stuff.

Bob Moskowitz