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When you think classic shaving, there's nothing more traditional than lathering up with a quality shaving soap. The simplicity is divine and whipping up a lather from a hard soap brings a sense of nostalgia to the morning shave.

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Shaving Soap Education

Shaving Soaps traditionally come in a hard shaving puck that is similar in size to a hockey puck and similar in consistency to body soap. We carry a wide spectrum of shaving soaps including glycerin based, triple milled soaps, natural soaps, and tallow based soaps. We are proud to carry many small batch handcrafted artisan soaps as well.

Face Lather vs Bowl Lather

Most shaving soaps are made to be placed at the bottom of a shave bowl and to lather directly on the soap puck. The lather is developed in the bowl. A shaving soap stick can be used to face lather. Use the stick to spread some of the soap on your face, and then use the shaving brush to build the lather directly on your face.

Shaving Soaps Reviews
Smooth Success
Cannot remember what drew me to this soap in the first place... I prefer hard creams aka Croaps , so I must have seen it in the category. Simply put, I'm grateful I found this gem. The high sides allow any size brush to create a perfect lather, without spilling over. Easily this soap ranks up there with the best in a thick lather and slickness for two passes. The scent is not overpowering , but has a light linger not to undermine after shave products. I have semi sensitive skin, and felt the protection was above definitely average.. ( with or w/o preshave). It'd be wise to have this in your permanent rotation
Great Shaving Soap
Reading the ratings made me order the Proraso shave cream,soap. I was a little reluctant to try a soap after using creams, but the positive reviews convinced me. Those reviews are spot on. I can work up a thick soft lather quickly, first in hand then on face. The lather is more protective than any cream I've used which allows a very close shave and no nicks except minor ones, and that's because of my individual face contours. The "fragrance" is low key and strange but not unpleasant. Every safety razor shaver needs to try Proraso.
Great product!
Wonderful scent and builds a great lather. Being a head and face shaver with sensitive skin Chiseled Face as nailed it with their line of soaps. Will continue buy time and time again.
Excellent soap. Lathers great, and
Excellent soap. Lathers great, and smells divine
good soap
Smells great and does make a good lather. Still have to play with the amount of water in my brush. Did not use much the first time and had to add a little. Other than that it is a nice soap and helps the blade glide smooth over my face.
Tabac Shaving Soap Refill
I absolutely love this stuff, its the only thing I use. No cuts, terrific lather, and I love the smell. Top notch and a tremendous value at this price.