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Shaving Soaps

When you think classic shaving, there's nothing more traditional than lathering up with a quality shaving soap. We offer Shaving Soaps from vendors like Tabac and Haslinger, as well a wide range of artisan soaps. New to Shaving Soaps? Get a quick education HERE and shop our shaving soap sample packs to see which scent you like the best.

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Shaving Soap Education

When you think classic shaving, there's nothing more traditional than lathering up with a quality shaving soap. The simplicity is divine and whipping up a lather from a hard soap brings a sense of nostalgia to the morning shave.

Shaving Soaps traditionally come in a hard shaving puck that is similar in size to a hockey puck and similar in consistency to body soap. We carry a wide spectrum of shaving soaps including glycerin based, triple milled soaps, natural soaps, and tallow based soaps. We are proud to carry many small batch handcrafted artisan soaps as well.

Face Lather vs Bowl Lather

Most shaving soaps are made to be placed at the bottom of a shave bowl and to lather directly on the soap puck. The lather is developed in the bowl. A shaving soap stick can be used to face lather. Use the stick to spread some of the soap on your face, and then use the shaving brush to build the lather directly on your face.

How to use a Shaving Soap

  • Soak the shaving brush in warm water and squeeze or flick out the access water. The amount of water may also vary depending on water softness.
  • It is ideal to have a mug or small bowl to hold the soap puck in place.
  • You will lather directly on the surface of the soap in a circular motion until the lather forms.
  • Men will often continue that lather with the brush on the face where even more cream will form.

Expert Tip: Leave the soap container open to dry and be sure to pour out any water sitting at the base of the soap. This will preserve the life of your soap. Always remember to rinse your brush out very well until the water runs clean, squeezing and shaking out any excess water.

Shaving Soaps Reviews
Great soap; superb scent
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Executive Man First off, having owned a few different batches of Creed's Aventus, which this particular soap by Stirling patterns its scent after, I can definitely say the likeness is spot-on.

The soap itself: what can I say? It lathers easily and extremely well, with lots of silky-smooth glide, the soap stays nice and moist throughout the shave, and it's gentle and nourishing on my skin! All the things a great shave soap ought to do (and do well), Stirling's shave soaps nail right down.

The scent: while the slight pineapple notes of the Aventus-styled fragrance might not be some guys' cup of tea, it's a great counterpoint to the more stereotypical, ruggedly masculine scents I prefer during colder months. This one is definitely unique, refreshing, and perfect for warm weather - plus, even though I say it's a less traditionally-masculine scent, that's not to say it's markedly feminine.

Just more of a "dandy sophisticate" scent than a "lumberjack explorer" scent.
Pow! Perfect!
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz I got a sample of this alone with Sherlock and Midnight Stag; and I think this is my absolute favorite! It lathers and performs beautifully and the scent is awesome! I will def. be buying the tub size soon; and I want to try the aftershave splash too! It will be amazing to smell like this all day long!! Highly recommend this! Shave On!! :-0
Lives up to brand name: 4.5 stars
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Green Vetiver Ok, finally got to break this out this week and after several shaves, this is a pretty impressive product for $12. Creamy lather almost appears like magic, that further develops on the face. Slick, nice cushion, clean tuat sikn feel after shaving that respnds to your next strp whether it is a cool rinse, or after shave treament. Scent of the bar is the green vetiver. Floral/citrus with a musk background. Strong in use, mild afterward. I find it appealing. Lady friend, ahem, loves it too. So, it has that going for it as well. This is going into my regular rotation. I have swithched over to hard soaps from various nicely performing croaps. This product is milled very nicely and will last quite a while (several months). For reference, my rotation is now, Institut Karite (cold months), Fine Green Vetiver (warm months), and for special occassions Czech & Speake No. 88. These three pucks will provide an entire year of shaves.
Great stuff!
#9 Denali Shaving Soap This is great! Got this as part of the new WCS sample pack, and of all their great scents, I liked this one the best. Makes me smell like a stick of blue Trident gum on steroids (this is not sarcasm -- I love that scent!).

I enjoyed all but one of the sample pack fragrances -- you all have really hit home runs with those. They produce great lather, have excellent lubrication, and just the right amount of fragrance.

And, they don't cost an arm and a leg.
Kell's Original Juniper Sage Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend
Kell's Original Juniper Sage Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend I received this shaving soap and the presentation was perfect, nice packaging.

After trying this soap several times I found that is lathers well and provides a good glide for the razor. The smell is fantastic.
Awesome stuff!
#9 Denali Shaving Soap The scent on this is fantastic! It lathers very well and very easily especially considering it's not tallow based. The soap gives a sort of cooling sensation that feels great on the skin similar to a mentholated soap but not as strong. My only negative is that it doesn't seem like it will last very long. The price seems to be reasonable for what you get. I hope it becomes a regular item.
Good soap
#9 Denali Shaving Soap Got a sample of this soap with my order a couple weeks ago. I used it for the first time this morning gave a very good shave was expecting to have that cool tingling fresh feeling when the air hit my face but did not get that. So going just off smell i like my #1 gatsby better, but every other aspect of the soap was great lathered up easy wcs has made a great bunch of of soaps
Tabac scores
Tabac Shaving Soap Stick Wonderful lather and classic Tabac fragrance in a compact stick ready to travel. Thick, rich lather.
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December 18, 2016 4:02 PM
Q:<p>What is a good cheap soap with a very light scent or even unscented? I don't like the smell of perfumed products.</p>
December 18, 2016 4:49 PM
A:The Proraso Green Tea & Oat or the Haslinger Sheep Milk and lanolin soap.
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