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Shaving Stands

Proudly keep your straight edge or safety razor and brush out on display with one of our handsome shaving stands. They come in a variety of different materials and styles -- from chrome to gold to wood-grain, and many others -- so you'll be sure to find one that fits your style.

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Shaving Stand Education

These stands are more than decorative. They are great way to keep your brush clean and dry. We carry safety razor stands, shaving brush stands, straight razor stands, and stands that hold both razors and brushes. Whatever your preference, we have something to fit your style. Hand selected options from Edwin Jagger, Omega, Dovo, Col. Conk, Cyril R Salter, and the stands that we make ourselves.

Which brush fits into each stand?

Different stands have different opening sizes. It is important to make sure that your brush fits into the stand. We are updating the "other information" on each brush page to list the specific stands that each brush fits into. Please go to the product page of your brush and you should be able to find the stands that it fits into. Or you can always call us and we will check for you.

Shaving Stands Reviews
Very nice stand
Well made with a nice, heavy base. The brush openings hold my large brushes nicely by the handles and the stand is tall enough for a long brush with long loft.

The black finish was just what I needed to match my bathroom fixtures.

I ordered 2 and I'm very pleased with my sink counter now.
Does It's Job
West Coast Shaving Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome "As advertised, and it looks great by the chrome fixtures.
Useful and attractive
West Coast Shaving Stand 311, Black "I bought this to hold the Parker 26C and BHST I bought it with. Aesthetically, it's a perfect match. Looks like it was made secifically for the 26C. Unfortunately, the BHST's narrowest part is almost the same dimension as the stand's wider fork, and just barely fits when firmly inserted. A couple more hundredths would be perfect. (I might hit it with a grinder or something to open up the tolerances a little but it's not such a tight fit that I feel like I would absolutely need to)
Top Notch DE
Standard Base, Black "This razor gives an awesome shave. Plus it looks cool too!!
It is a stand
West Coast Shaving 302 Straight Razor Stand, Chrome "It is a stand. It works. It doesn't tip over. I bought it for an Feather Artist Club DX Japanese razor. I have to put the razor facing up to make sure the blade is not damaged resting on the holder. It was also not designed for a Japanese straight razor, so I can't complain. I wish it were stainless. I do not understand the point of having chrome in bathrooms. It probably won't chip though considering its only job is to sit on a shelf.
I think that I reviewed this once already but I bought another so I am complying with WCS's request...
West Coast Shaving Stand 314, 30mm, Rosewood "I think that I reviewed this once already but I bought another so obviously i liked it. I have 2 brushes, a silvertip and a boar Semogue 730HD and 830 respectively and two Parker razors and open comb 24C and a closed comb 65C that I use in rotation. The quad stands that I looked at had middling ratings and this stand looks good and is pretty rugged so I bought a second one. The opening for brushes is very wide and can hold a 28mm knot. If you have one brush, you can also fit in a third razor w/o problem. I use the silvertip form creams and croaps and the boar for hard soaps. If you want your brush to LAST, you must store it bristles down after rinsing, so a stand is vital. I really like this one ( i did buy it twice.) Anyway, it looks fantastic, the non-skid pad is thick and the construction is robust. The price is also quite modest for what you get.
Well built and sturdy
West Coast Shaving 304 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome "I just got my new shaving stand today. It is heavy and well built and the rubber bottom is a nice touch so it won't scratch the porcelain. Another great buy from WCS. It perfectly holds my Omega synthetic brush and Merkur 34C HD.
OP-WCS-315, 30mm, Chrome Shaving Stand
West Coast Shaving Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome "A very well made and finished shaving accessory that compliments the safety razor and brush. The stand is tall enough and the 30 mm opening is large enough to hold my Omega 10098 professional Boar Brush by the handle. This stand fits all of my requirements very well.
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