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Proudly keep your straight edge or safety razor and brush out on display with one of our handsome shaving stands. They come in a variety of different materials and styles -- from chrome to gold to wood-grain, and many others -- so you'll be sure to find one that fits your style.

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Shaving Stand Education

These stands are more than decorative. They are great way to keep your brush clean and dry. We carry safety razor stands, shaving brush stands, straight razor stands, and stands that hold both razors and brushes. Whatever your preference, we have something to fit your style. Hand selected options from Edwin Jagger, Omega, Dovo, Col. Conk, Cyril R Salter, and the stands that we make ourselves.

Which brush fits into each stand?

Different stands have different opening sizes. It is important to make sure that your brush fits into the stand. We are updating the "other information" on each brush page to list the specific stands that each brush fits into. Please go to the product page of your brush and you should be able to find the stands that it fits into. Or you can always call us and we will check for you.

Shaving Stands Reviews
Less IS More!
Simple solution to get brush off the counter and dry for the next shave.

Simple install, and clear material matches any decorative surroundings.
Great stand
Great stand
this is an awesome looking shaving stand. it can hold my Merkur 1904 and my omega S-brush.
Another WC Winner
Since rediscovering DE shaving this year after a 40-year hiatus, I have sharpened my appreciation for finely crafted DE shavers and sound technique, and finally learned to achieve a remarkably close shave without the bloodshed that accompanied my first clumsy DE shaving attempt as a teenager (which resulted in that aforementioned "hiatus"). As a result, I have accumulated a modest collection of new and vintage razors and a couple of shaving brushes, which leads to the inevitable challenge of how to store and display them. That's where the WC Shaving Stand 250 comes in. I had this stand on back-order for awhile and was happy when West Coast Shaving notified me that it was back in stock. I was even happier when it arrived. It's a great stand, featuring a flawlessly bright finish, great balance, and a simple but attractive design that accommodates two shaving brushes and two DE safety razors (or four DE safety razors, if that is your preference). The stand makes for an attractive display at a very reasonable price without taking up a lot of real estate, which is a real plus if your counter space is as limited as mine. The workmanship is fine in appearance and solid in construction. All in all, this is a great stand if you're looking for an inexpensive, attractive, and well-constructed stand to display your favorite DE razors and brushes with pride.
Great stand. Matches Merkur 39C and 38C perfectly
The stand is very weighty. The base is cast and the foam pad is relatively thick and not just stuck on with glue. The arms are pretty chunky too. It's rounded features match my Merkur 39C and 38C.
Very nice stand
The stand has good weight and a simple design. I was pleasantly surprised that the stand came without any branding, just a good simple metal stand that is sturdy and functions perfectly
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