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For centuries, people have been on the quest for the best of the best in badger hair. Many concur that silver tip is that cream of the crop. With Edwin Jagger's silver tip shaving brushes, you will notice a visual difference as the tips are clearly lighter in color than the rest. The shafts are springy and the tips are soft, the perfect combination. Go get yourself a great cream or soap, whip up some lather and feel the difference!

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Edwin Jagger Silver Tip Badger Reviews
Great brush!
I don't think I will ever purchase a non silver tip brush again. This brush had a nice faux horn handle that matches my razor. I'm not certain what a $250 brush feels like, but this one feels awsome compared to more coarse brushes. It is made well, holds water well, and makes a good lather. This is a great value as well.
Luxury at a reasonable price.
This brush is fantastic. It's not cheap, but it's fully worth it for something you use every day. By far the best shaving brush I ever had.
Product is handsome, great longevity, fair price for what you get.
Marvelous brush
An English silver tipped badger brush - cannot beat it - this brush, with some shaving soap and a dollop of shave cream creates remarkable lather - great shave!
Herr Klug
Excellent brush.
Excellent brush
This is an excellent shaving brush, and i'd strongly recommend it. It makes the perfect lather, and it feels like i'm putting the lather on my face with a down feather. Very good quality and manufacturing.
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