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The Colonel X2L, with it's short loft and comfortable handle, is a good brush and excels with soaps. The hand tied knot is filled with Simpson Best badger hair.

Color: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 100mm
Bristle Loft: 46mm
Knot Dia: 22mm
Hair: Simpson Best Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

Product Reviews
Great brush, but...
I've had this brush for a few years now. I absolutely love it. Perfect size, the brush tips are extremely soft, yet has great back bone. However, I can't get this darn brush to stop shedding! It loses anywhere from 5-10 hairs per use. I've shampooed it & combed it several times hoping to get all the loose hairs out. Alas, it will just not stop shedding.
Great brush while it excels at face lathering soaps this brush can also be used to bowl lather creams with great results. The break in period was very short with very little shedding.
Love it
I had to order a Simpson brush to see what all the fuss is about. I can say this is a superb brush. I shouldn't need another brush until this one wears out. I considered the Duke as well, but I like this handle design better. This thing is packed full of badger and is quite dense. It oozes quality, has nice weight and for the price I thinks it's a great buy.
Still shedding
I love the brush but it's still shedding, a lot. It started out of nowhere after only maybe 8 uses and now it sheds 6-7 hairs per shave.
Nice brush!
A few weeks ago, I received this brush. The service from WCS was excellent; I received it within a few days. I like the brush. It is not as great as I thought it might be but it is very nice. I thought, based on reviews on multiple online forums, that it would have a bit more backbone (and I love a strong backbone; I face lather). Still, a very nice brush! In fact, I do not detect a major difference in terms of density between my Colonel and the Duke 2 ? but the Colonel is $20 cheaper.
Great Brush!!!
I received this brush the other day, and I must say it is great. I was using an inexpensive badger brush previously and I found that it was too scratchy on my face. The Colonel has proven to be very soft on my face, but also has plenty of backbone for face lathering which I prefer to bowl lathering.
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