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The Wee Scot is smallest production brush being made today (at least that we know of). The hand tied knot is filled with Simpson Best badger hair. When we say small, we mean small. It's tiny, but a useful tiny.

Color: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 67mm
Bristle Loft: 35mm
Knot Dia: 14mm
Hair: Simpson Best Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

Product Reviews
My new favorite brush!! Move over Chubby 2!
Don't let the size fool you, this little brush is amazing! It has plenty of body, stiffness and scritch. It is a great face or palm latherer. It also bowl lathers nicely. I am able to generate enough lather for a three-pass shave. I found a pill bottle container that works perfectly for travel. West Coast Shaving has a .75 oz. Twist-up Shaving Stick Container. I could load my favorite soap, Stirling Bay Rum. Stirling soaps have a putty-like softness. I moistened the inside of the container and pressed in the soap up to the top. I then, moistened my fingertip to compress it slightly and smooth it out. I let it dry for several hours so it will slide up and down smoothly. Wait, there's more...the cap is tall enough for me to press in a one-ounce Stirling sample size puck of Margaritas in the Arctic. Now I can carry two scented soaps in one container. My Simpson Wee Scot has plenty of room to swirl the soap in the cap.
It ain't the size of the boat that matters...
It's the motion in the ocean! This little brush is all about 'motion in the ocean'! I received my Wee Scot today from West Coast Shaving, and I gotta say that I couldn't be more pleased. First of all, I have to give a tip of the hat to Simpson for removing the badger smell from the brush before shipping it. When I unboxed the brush the first thing I did was smell the brush. Nothing. Awesome! This strengthens the likelihood that all my future brushes will be from Simpson.Next came the shave. I had a day and a half growth when I received it, and I shaved after a hot shower, all the while soaking the Wee Scot in a bowl of hot water. When I unboxed it, the brush was very compact. However, after soaking in a bowl of hot water, the brush fanned out like a peacock fanning its tail. Quite impressive! I proceeded to face lather and was amazed at how much lather this potent little brush was able to generate! I have to commend the brush for having such a strong backbone for being so small. It is perfectly suited for face latherers, like myself.I can't recommend this brush enough, especially for frequent travelers like myself (which is why I purchased this brush in the first place). This brush will fit in the smallest cases, which is perfect for traveling. This brush is so small, in fact, that I have to find an even smaller pill bottle for it. If you're like me and travel frequently and need a small but powerful brush to take along on trips, look no further and "add to cart" post haste! Thanks, West Coast Shaving, for offering this powerful little brush, and for great service and a great price!
The Mouse That Roars
A friend and I had been talking and joking about the Wee Scot for some time. While I tend to use a smaller brush normally, the idea of such a tiny brush seemed downright comical. However, given the reputation, reviews, and lore associated with the Wee Scot, my fascination with this particular brush never wained. Since I had given the gift (and subsequent addiction) of wet shaving to my friend a couple years ago, what should I find from him under my Christmas tree this year? A Wee Scot! First of all, no review really gives you an idea of how small this brush is until you actually hold one in your hand. I had a good laugh when I discovered the box it comes in is nearly twice the size of the brush! Regardless, I was eager to run it through its paces. The Wee Scot uses Best Badger hair, which is perfect for a brush this size. It gives it the perfect balance of body, stiffness, and usability, whether in the bowl or on the face. It also holds a surprising amount of water for such a tiny thing. I tend to use an aloe-based shave soap most of the time, so I decided to try that first. It whipped up a nice lather effortlessly and went on with precision and ease. I got through my typical shave without needing to create additional lather, and without wasting any soap, either. The next day I decided to try a shave cream and whipped up such a beautiful lather that it could've been mistaken for a meringue! The Wee Scot handled anything I threw at it. This brush is breaking in beautifully and living up to the well-earned reputation it's gained. I can see why folks love this brush and even make it their daily user. It will certainly be in my very frequent rotation. It's also an excellent value for not a lot of money. I've used far more expensive brushes that can't hold a candle to this little Simpson. It may be a Wee Scot, but it is a Mighty Scot!
Feels Just Like A Real Badger
Back in 1973 I was flying over the Rocky Mountains in a small private jet with my friend and hiking companion. Something went wrong with the turbine and the plane descended into the forest. I was the only survivor. My wounds weren't too bad as we landed in a large amount of snow. I was battered and bruised and couldn't move for some time. It took months before anyone found us. Days turned into weeks as I foraged for food and had to build my own shelter out of twigs and branches I could find around me. A snowstorm hit and I was beginning to lose hope. I woke up to a badger talking to me. He put his little badger paw on me and it woke me up. The next thing I knew I had the remains of a half eaten rodent on my chest and the badger was gone. I hobbled over to an area where I could clear a space and grabbed some more wood and made a fire and ate that night. I vowed to make it my goal to find the badger and show him the same compassion he had showed me. I didn't see him for days, then one day a pack of wolves came and they were not interested in me or my new habitat. They were chasing after something and I heard the call of my new friend. The wolves had found his den and were trying to make their way in. I grabbed a large stick, cast it into the fire and picked it up and swung the flaming stick angrily and the wolves. They ran in fear as I screamed into the night. I placed some meat I had at the entrance of the badger's den and fell into the snow in exhaustion. The badger came out of his den and sniffed the meat. He then came up to me and I crouched down to his level. A single tear came from his eye and he nuzzled his cold little badger nose against my cheek. I told him of my gratitude of his kindness and he brushed his face against mine and grabbed his dinner I had given him, and walked back towards his home. He then turned around and we shared our last moment together and his eyes seemed to say "Thank you".b Just then, the search parties arrived and a helicopter landed and I had been found! I went back home to my family. I never told them of the friend I had made. It wasn't until I found this website and bought this badger brush that I was reminded of the time I had with an unlikely companion. Every day I shave with this brush I am reminded of how beautiful life is and that there is hope in the darkest of times.
<p>This brush is awesome.</p>
Day One...
<p>Gee, kind of seemed pretty handy.... Day Two & onward: Hey, it really is the right size! Just haven't used the other badgers, horsehair or boar brushes since- they just feel like mops now. Yeah, so I bought my second Wee Scot.</p>
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