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The Wee Scot is smallest production brush being made today (at least that we know of). The hand tied knot is filled with Simpson Best badger hair. When we say small, we mean small. It's tiny, but a useful tiny.

Color: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 67mm
Bristle Loft: 35mm
Knot Dia: 14mm
Hair: Simpson Best Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

Product Reviews
Day One...
<p>Gee, kind of seemed pretty handy.... Day Two & onward: Hey, it really is the right size! Just haven't used the other badgers, horsehair or boar brushes since- they just feel like mops now. Yeah, so I bought my second Wee Scot.</p>
A Brush With Personality
A small brush with a big personality. Lore has it that this brush originated as a "rite of passage" to prove to Alexander Simpson that an artisan had the skills to advance to Master Brushmaker, and infact it is the only Simpson brush to bear his signature. A quote I saw said "This brush could bring up a lather on a potroast." Don't even mention affordability, mine sits in a rotation on the shelf with 4 other Simpson brushes including a High Mountain White Polo 1. The WeeScot always shows them how its done. It develops a lather quicker, and applies it accurately, and uses less product doing it. Clean up is quicker also. Hard soaps or cremes, its all the same. The best badger hair seems appropriate to this brush. The hair does have a bit of the "Badger butt" odor to it but you can find recipies for cleaning the brush to cure that malady. Bring a bit of personality to your brush collection - the Wee Scot.
The Wee Scot ( small, but powerful)
This is a very small if not tiny brush...but WOW what a very cool brush indeed. I have used it a few times lost a couple of hairs and I can say it is a brush I will use in my rotation and take on trips as my go to travel brush. This brush makes great lather with cream,(I use Taylor of Old Bond Street). Can't wait to use this brush with my MWF soap. Gents this is a must have for your rotation.
I purchased this brush a little over a month ago based on the reputation of Simpson brushes and the great reviews on this particular brush. Also, it is a bargain for the price as most Simpson brushes easily empty the average man's wallet. The brush is made of best badger and the handle is some type of plastic, but it is not hollow and does not have a cheap feeling to it. Let me start by saying that the name Wee Scot accurately describes this brush. It is small, so don't think WCS sent you the wrong one or an empty box (you have to dig for it), haha. The brush fits perfectly inside the palm of my hand BUT it packs a punch. Due to the quality of the hairs and size of brush, this brush soaks up water rather quickly. As for its size and performance, it holds a rather impressive lather and handling it around the lip/nostril area is smooth sailing. Fresh out the box, it does have a funny smell to it, but it goes away with use. The break in period wasn't long, but that varies with use. One very surprising thing about this brush though: It has not shed one single hair. I swear it on the life of my Wee Scot. Not one hair. I don't know if it's how I use it or if it's the brush. Other brushes I have still shed to this day, but not the Wee Scot. Impressive? I think so! OVERALL, this brush is great! Its material is of good quality and its performance is excellent! And of course, a big thank you to WCS for excellent service and for great prices.
Great Brush!
I enjoy this brush everytime I use it. Lathers quickly and you have great control. I always use this as my travel brush because its small and it drys fast. I could use this as my only brush if I had to. A must have for home or travel.
A Terrific Little Brush
The size is indeed very small, but the quality of this Simpson brush is great.I found the learning curve for this bush was minimal. It is my new every day brush.