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Simpson Shaving Brushes

Simpson Shaving Brushes are widely sought after and even collected by many. There is something about this brand, with the unique handle designs, and spectacular handle material, that is so desirable. They are are the epitome of all things traditional and, naturally, they would be from England. Their standards regarding the grading of badger hair are as high as you can get. What they consider mid-grade, other brands might call their top of the line. With such a large selection of Simpson brushes, we've organized by style. Need help, just ask and our expert brush pickers are at your service.

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Simpson Shaving Brushes Reviews
Well worth the price!
Simpson Commodore X2 Best Badger Shaving Brush X2B I have been using the Simpson Commodore X2 shaving brush for more than a month now and I am thrilled with the purchase. It is exactly as advertised. The best badger hair performs really well, nice and thick and holds water well. You really need to store the brush properly to get it to dry overnight. It also whips up a great lather and I don't need to use as much cream or soap as I use with other brushes. One interesting note is that a card in the box recommended painting strokes rather than the swirling method saying that it can damage the brush. Lastly, West Coast Shaving is great to deal with and very prompt in getting my package to me.
Excellent Brush
Simpson Commodore X1 Best Badger Shaving Brush X1B Great backbone and softness. I'm very pleased!
Easy to use just the right size
Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush S1 I like the feel in my hand and the texture if the bristles it works better than my old brush even when it was new. Would recommend to everyone.
Worth it
Simpson Persian Jar 3 Super Badger Shaving Brush PJ3 I was not sure it was worth the money to buy a Simpson's brush, but it is. They are a level above; go for it.
Simpson Chubby 2 Best Badger Shaving Brush CH2 "Chubby 2 in best, yes, the icon, which belongs into 'each den'. But is it the best? Not entirely, the flow due the beloved density should be better (maybe cannot be, as density too much?). This is upto Mark on the Isle of Man to investigate, if not done already. My den hosts several Chubbies, also the 3-version with Manschurian... In fact, I do prefer those. One last opinion, the beast of Polo 12 beats all of them, in my opinion. Cheerio to all fellow wet shavers with sufficient funds for such expensive hobbies...
Rob W
Simpsons Berkeley Best Badger Shaving Brush 46B "I am very happy with this brush , it holds the water well and is very soft on the face. Had a cheap brush before there is a big deference.
Great Little Brush
Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush S1 "IMO this is the perfect little brush for travel or as an inexpensive start into wet shaving. For as small as the knot is, it has pretty good backbone.
Nice Container
Simpson Case Travel Container "Perfect container for my travel brush
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