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You're the cautious, traditional type; you're not going to trust your face to just any old shaving brush. You want something with history on its side, something that's proven itself against the test of time and many trials along the way. You want a brush that's got a stiff upper lip, for your upper lip. What you're looking for is Simpsons, the company that worked its way up from a modest operation in the East End of London, survived being bombed out during the Blitz, and remains today an unruffled, stalwart representation of the proper British shave. There's nothing fancy or frou-frou about Simpsons; they're sticking to traditional badger brushes the way a man sticks to his neighborhood pub. This is shaving, simply done properly, the way they've done it since 1919.

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Simpson Shaving Brushes
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Simpson Case Travel Container
This container is well made and perfectly fits a Omega 11047 mixed boar and Badger brush. I
Simpsons Berkeley Badger Brush 46B
I just started traditional shaving after years of cartridge shaving. Did moderate research on components. This brush seemed to be in the middle for quality/cost. Performing as expected thus far.
Good Product, There Just Needs to be More of It
Simpson Luxury Shave Cream, Sandalwood I have a Simpson brush that I absolutely love, so when I saw that they also had a shaving cream, I decided to give it a try. If their cream was anywhere near the quality of their brushes, how could I go wrong. I have sampled quite a few creams and Simpsons is pretty good. To put things in some perspective, my favorite cream is Truefitt & Hill's sandalwood. While Simpsons will never take the place my Truefitt & Hill, I still consider it a very good shaving cream. It lathers up easily, has a great smell, and is slick enough to provide for a great shave. I find it very similar, both in smell and lather, to the the sandalwood cream put out by Taylor of Old Bond Street or Vulfix. That being said, my only complaint is the amount of product you get with Simpsons. Both Taylor and Vulfix give you a good deal more product and at a cheaper price to boot.
CL 2
Good Travel Case
Simpson Case Travel Container Case holds a small travel sized brush. The top closes firmly and the case has a durable thickness. Its been on half a dozen trips with me thus far and I expect it to last through many more.
Superb brush
Simpson Commodore X1 Best Badger Shaving Brush X1B I am somewhat new to de shaving so my frame of reference is a bit limited. That being said, I upgraded from a cheapy starter brush and just wow, what a difference! This brush holds water very well from a pre lather soak, if has an excellent balance between softness for the face and backbone to whip up lather. It does smell like a pile of dead bodies at first but you can make that go away, the performance is excellent.
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