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The Berkeley 46 is a fine brush at a fine price.  It's packed with Simpson Best Badger with good density.  On the smaller side of brushes, the handle is still comfortable and looks good to boot.

Color: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 90mm
Bristle Loft:  45mm
Knot Dia: 20mm
Hair: Simpson Best Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

Product Reviews
Top value-for-dollar
Soft feel, good backbone, agile in the hand, doesn't lather-hog, great price. It "dings" the bowl a bit, but don't they all, really?

I could live with just this brush.
The Mike Tyson of shaving brushes
To say that this brush is amazing is an understatement. There so so many good things about it. It is on the smaller side but that means it is precise in its placement of the lather. First thing I noticed when I took it out of the box was that it is built solid, as you would expect from Simpsons. The best badger hair is very densly packed. Because of its size, this brush automatically lends itself to being a face latherer, and it does a stupendous job at that. I began swirling the Berkeley in a tub of Mama Bear's Awakenings and it seemed like it would almost pull the slag up from the puck of soap. I took it right to my face and it blended just the right amount of backbone mixed with softness to immediately whip up a super luxurious lather. It was out of this world the efficacy of this brush contained in its compact size. This brush can easily knock out brushes twice its size - and price. You better hurry up and get one before Simpsons comes to their senses and ramps the price up! Travel brush, every day brush, main brush, back up brush it does not matter this thing will do it all. TEN stars!!
Great Face Latherer!
I really love this brush. I am a face latherer and use creams and shave sticks. This works well for both, quickly building up a rich lather. I get at least three passes worth of shave cream from this brush. Its not as dense and is floppier than most of the higher end Simpson brushes, but it still has plenty of backbone. The Best badger is always nice on Simpson brushes, and this is no exception. It really feels nice on the face and is a pleasure to use. It is a very useful shaving tool for anyone.
Great brush
This is the first brush I have bought since the shaving ki I got at Walmart it was junk but anyways I'm In love with this brush. Really really great brush. And not to mention west coast is a great company really happy with the delivery time.
Great Brush, Great Price!
This brush is my first from Simpson. It may be on the small side, but it is incredibly dense and really soft!!
On A budget, you'd never know it with this brush
This is A wonderful brush, As good as much more expensive ones I have used in the past, For under $50 this brush is a steal, Great for cream or soap, it's water retention is perfect for me and lather comes easy.
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Will the handle of this brush fit in the 26-27mm stand, the 30mm stand, neither, or both?
Ryan S. January 11, 2016 7:20 AM
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This brush will fit in any of our West Coast Shaving stands numbered 312 or higher that have a 30mm opening.
crossen84767 January 11, 2016 12:24 PM