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After 85 years, this third generation natural cosmetic brand is still cranking out some seriously good grooming products. Based on inspiration from the Speick plant and it's skin healthy properties, the founders now produce shaving soap, shave cream, aftershaves and deodorants. All are highly regarded in the classic shaving community for excellent performance and unique scent. The cream and soap are the best known products, offering a spectacular lather and a smooth shave. Speick management takes a holistic approach to the business, with employee development, childcare provided to working mothers, and environmentally sound manufacturing and ingredients. They have won German Sustainability awards two years in a row now.

Speick Aftershave, Cream & Soap
Speick Grooming Products
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Speick Reviews
Absolutely great
Such a great soap. At first it had a very peppery scent but the more I've used it, the more pleasant the smell has become. It's a great every day cleanser.
Great smell
Speick Shaving Cream "Smells amazing. Smooth shave
Excellent shaving cream
Speick Shaving Cream "Excellent shaving cream
Fresh clean aftershave splash
Speick After Shave Lotion (Splash) "I have tried a handful of aftershave splashes so far and this one has a subtle scent which I can't really determine what it smells like. I notice a stronger alcohol smell and feeling when splashed on. It does not have menthol and won't interfere with any strong cologne you might want to wear. I like it (and like the shaving cream a lot too -- get both at the same time) and I wear it a day or two every week.
Speick Aftershave
Speick After Shave Lotion (Splash) "Super aftershave that is great for the skin
A Manly Soap
Speick Bar Soap "I love this product! It has a good lather and a great smell. It has become my favorite cleansing product.
Great product!
Speick After Shave Lotion (Splash) "This is a great aftershave for the money. It sooths and leaves a great face feel after application. I enjoy the scent also.
Great soap
Speick Bar Soap This is truly a great soap! The smell is very nice I will continue to use this soap Speick is my new favorite!
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