Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Sometimes, one just needs the smell of a barbershop, if not the shop itself. With Suavecito Bay Rum After Bath, you can take it home with you and feel'and smell'like you just got professional attention for your looks, even though you did it all yourself.

This is applied after you shave. It has the classic rum scent that will take you back to the barber's chair, or your father's or grandfather's barber's chair, if you're younger. It is easy on the skin, and it provides just enough of a boost to your spirits to make you feel ready for the day. The scent is classic enough that everyone will appreciate it. It just smells good, and that aroma is present enough to be noticed, but it's never so rude as to be overbearing to others.

This is a gentleman's product that harkens back to the days when men put more time into their appearances. They were on to something back then, and now you can be, too. If you happen to have sensitivity issues, adding a balm to your routine can make a huge difference, and there are plenty of quality products to choose from.

Size: 4oz

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Product Reviews
Watch out ---- too much yellow dye in it
Although the smell isn't really too bad, the juice has a deep yellow color that's not natural. I used it for about 3-4 days until I noticed that the dye came off on the neck of my t-shirts. Ruined all of them. Thankfully none of it got on my dress shirts. I'd stay away unless they drop the dye from it.
you get what you pay
You get what you pay! this is a low quality bay rum. Suavecito bay rum seams like a 99 cents after shave compare to Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Cologne. I don't regret trying this bay rum, I do recommend it to men that have sensitive skin real bay rum stings like HELL and stays with you for quiet a wile. I see my self buying this as a gift but not for my personal use.
Sweet and Spicy
This is a winner for me. This Bay Rum has a sweetness to it, not as sweet as Masters, and then it also adds some spice, but still mellow. Favorite Bay Rum. They also make a great pomade.
Good Stuff
Comes in a glass bottle with a metal screw lid. Smells great, scent is powerful at first but settles down after a bit. Nice cooling effect. Just a simply nice quality after-shave splash.
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