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This grade of badger brushes have remarkable hair structure and hair softness, a great all around brush for soaps or creams. There is a range in terms manufactures use that fall in this category, like Shavemac "finest". We feel Simpson's "best" grade of brushes are technically right up here as well.

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Super Badger Shaving Brushes Reviews
The history,design, and performance. I'm glad I bought this brush. Happy to find Rooney is available in the USA. WCS was also very helpful with questions on this product. I'll be a returning customer! JC
Excellent Shaving Brush
I own this Jagger Super Badger along with a Simpson's Duke Best Badger. I love my Simpson's Duke but wanted to experience a super badger brush. I prefer my Duke to this brush, but that is probably an unfair comparison. In my opinion, Simpson brushes are in a class by themselves. That being said, the Jagger Super Badger is a great brush, especially for the price. If you purchase it, I don't think you will be disappointed.
Good Higher-End First Brush
This is a good choice as a first brush if you're looking for something made of badger hair and are not trying to skimp on quality. It's a good size and soft. Looks nice too
Fantastic Brush
I found this brush to be awesome. Nice and soft, never detected any scratchiness at all. It is a goldilox brush IMO, not too big or small. Holds heat very well and is just a pleasure to use. Great price for it as well at $65 (on sale).
Fulfilling 376S
Great brush. Perfect size.
My Favorite Simpson
This was my third Simpson, I have a Wee Scott and a Chubby 2. This brush seems to have more backbone than the Chubby, and no surprise more coverage than the Wee Scott ( the Wee Scott is my travel brush and small size is exactly why I bought it). The PJ has, after a couple of months, become my go-to daily shave brush! Give it a try.
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