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Super Badger

Sometimes we get caught up in what's new and exciting and overlook a product that has been proving itself for decades. Vulfix badger shaving brushes often don't get the praise that they deserve. There are some superb brushes in this category and when you compare what you get for the price, they often times come out on top. Just check out the reviews and you'll see they are extremely well regarded.

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Super Badger Reviews
Al Brown
Vulfix 660S Large Super Badger Shaving Brush Outstanding brush. Very soft texture. An absolute pleasure to use. I previously used an Edwin Jagger brush that I obtained on a trip to England. I would rate this brush as slightly better and considering the difference in price, this brush is an excellent buy.
Gift to grandson. His first
Vulfix 660S Medium Super Badger Shaving Brush Gift to grandson. His first experience with wet shaving. he will be a convert I believe.
Good Higher-End First Brush
Vulfix 660S Medium Super Badger Shaving Brush.This is a good choice as a first brush if you're looking for something made of badger hair and are not trying to skimp on quality. It's a good size and soft. Looks nice too
Fulfilling 376S
Vulfix 376S Super Badger Shaving Brush.Great brush. Perfect size.
Vulfix 2233S Super Badger Shaving Brush.This brush me very much. Workmanship at the proper height. When working with soap and shaving foam throws very well. Beautiful works as a facial and a vessel for churning foam. At their money works fine brush . I recommend .)
great product
Vulfix 660S Large Super Badger Shaving Brush.I recently ordered Vulfix 660s large super badger brush from west coast shaving, and I couldn't be happier. Not only does the brush do it's job creating a nice lather, but it also is a nice fixture in my bathroom. Well crafted and comely, it adds a sense of elegance to a morning shave.
Love it
Vulfix 375S Super Badger Shaving Brush.This is my second "Super Badger" brush. My first one was my travel brush. I liked the feel and behavior of that brush so much I bought this one to use in my daily shaving routine. After a couple of weeks of using it I retired my "beginner's brush". Beware the narrowest part of the handle is still quite thick and may not fit into your existing brush holder.
Minimalist Cylinder
Vulfix Turnback Super Badger Travel Brush.Like a rabbit out of a hat. Bring the ritual on the road.
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