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Synthetic shaving brushes have become very popular in the last years for many reasons, one being the price of badger hair. Omega has been on top of this trend and have been quick to offer a multitude of handle options to cater to the growing demand. They really have covered all the bases from a traditional, contemporary, and even a fun barber-pole design.

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My purchase
This was my first time buying from West Coast... I ordered late Sunday night and my order was at my door the following Thursday morning.

Excellent service and great customer service who answered some questions and gave some suggestions before my purchase. I highly recommend West Coast Shaving for all your needs!!!!!
omega S10049
an excellent brush producing wonderful lather with little effort..i would highly recommend it!! many thanks!!! B.McGhee Belleville, IL
Amazing Brush!
WOW! This brush will give many of the Silver Tip Badger Brushes a run for their money. Maybe all the brush you will ever need. Softer than many other synthetic brushes and would make a great travel brush even using the plastic box it was package in as travel container. Buy one you'll like it!
No boar funk, no shedding and no maintenance. Its a win win. Its my new favorite brush :)
Excellent brush!
Inexpensive brush that has become one of my favorites. Retains enough water, has enough backbone, whips up a nice lather, great "face feel". The bristles feel a little softer than boar, not quite as soft as silver tip badger. Not a "skritchy" brush at all. The bristles dry quickly, making it a very good travel brush. Yes, it's worth the money!
Excellent brush
great from the first use.