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Tabac is a classic German grooming brand that hardly needs an introduction. With one of the all-time great barbershop scents, matched with a superb tallow base, the shaving soap is one every wet shaver has to try at least once. While you may opt for the economical refill, we strongly recommend the Tabac shaving soap in ceramic bowl as it's one of the most unique in this market. They also offer a fine line of aftershaves, hair products, bath bar and deodorant. Year after year this brand remains a best seller with our customers. The scent for all products is based on their complex and strong tobacco scent. If you have a sensitivity to fragrances, you may want to look at something more subtle.

Tabac Grooming Products
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Tabac Reviews
Tabac After Shave Splash by Maurer & Wirtz 10 OZ "Been meaning to try Tabac for over a year. West Coast had a special on it so I bought some. Why did I wait so long? An outstanding splash - a little peppery, spicy with a mildly herbal finish. Absorbs right into the skin leaving a smooth refreshing feel. This one will become a mainstay on my shelf. If you don't have this, get some.
Very nice soap
Tabac Original Shaving Soap with Bowl "Very nice soap, good lather, good cushion, slick, moisturizes also. Good value
tabac stick
Tabac Shaving Soap Stick Refill "mild smell, doesn't last long on the face. Despite years of reading how strong it is, its the most pleasant scented soap I have found. The scent is more pleasing than that of CELLA or Erasmic stick. And it performs so well. The only thing I can say about the scent is that by leaving the stick to air out all day and night between shaves, my bathroom has a nice gentle warm spicy smell to it that I am loving. And I have serious allergies to scents, and this soap is perfect for me. The first 3 lathers had a strong generic "cologne" chemical scent that disappeared fast.
It may take a couple shots to really dig it, but...
Tabac After Shave Splash by Maurer & Wirtz 10 OZ "Took me two uses to love it, but I do!

I am a menthol addict. Got a jar of crystals, and just sand my face with 'em! That's how much I like cool.

Even sponge on alcohol for a rocket motor burn.

Tabac doesn't do either for me, yet I'll take breaks just for the different feel and smell. A kid-in-the-barbershop smell, just like I remember.

Minus the Bazooka bubble gum with the wax paper comics inside...

Remember that?

Will buy this again, and again.
Tabac Shaving Cream "Fantastic product. Great fragrance and slick as ice.
What you imagined it should be like
Tabac Original Shaving Soap Refill "This shaving soap is excellent, you get a full lather that stays full throughout the shave. I could probably get by without a preshave oil with this soap, also seems like I use less soap per shave too? Followed up by some North after shave makes a great way to start the day!
Tabac After Shave
Tabac After Shave Splash by Maurer & Wirtz 10 OZ "Good tingle with a scent that my wife likes. What more do you need? Oh yea, did I mention that my wife likes it. Hint
Favorite After Shave Product
Tabac After Shave Balm by Maurer & Wirtz "I absolutely LOVE Tabac After Shave Balm. The aroma is fantastic -- old school refreshing. It also comes in a small enough tube to take in my carry own bag so I can travel with it.
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