Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Coconut helps you get a close result without harming your face. The scent of this product is memorable, light, and certainly makes you feel great about waking up and getting some on your whiskers. The coconut scent will make you feel like you're on that Caribbean vacation with palm trees on the beach. Leave it on for a bit so it has time to soak in, and you'll get incredible results with a good razor.

In addition to providing protection, this particular product also provides moisture. This makes a huge difference in the end result. If you're having trouble using a razor without getting bumps and rashes from it, it might be that your skin is particularly sensitive. You can consider using a balm to preserve hydration or you could even use a pretreatment, which provides even more lubrication to help your blade glide. Remember that the blade and razor make a huge difference as well. This is a 150g quantity, made in England to exacting standards and completely paraben free, perfect for any man who wants to take things up a notch.

Size: 5.3oz/150g bowl

Made in the United Kingdom.

Product Reviews
Pretty good
Iwould say that the lather has very creamy texture, not as fluffy as Proraso but it seems to retain moisture better. It has a very good glide. The sent is the big bonus, the sweet coconut is great in the morning.
Very Nice
I am enjoying wet shaving and I love coconut so I had to try this product. I was disappointed at first because the coconut scent is not as strong as I like, but once I used it I got hooked. It's just right. I got by best shave ever, maybe my technique was better, maybe it's the cream, maybe I spent more time because I enjoyed the scent.