Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Do you want to experience a more comfortable feeling after shaving? Here's the genie in a bottle of your post shave treatment! The Tcheon Fung Sing Aftershave Balm Ginestra di Taormina Forte contains extracts from Ginestra plant, which adds fragrance and an exfoliating effect on your face. This solution is designed to be non-greasy, so say good bye to that leftover shining, shimmering residue because this product will leave nothing but the splendid effects it has.

This aftershave balm is enriched with almond oil, which nourishes your face with essential vitamins such as A, D, and E. These vitamins help prevent skin aging and acne growth. Vitamin D and E, specifically, preserve the youthful appearance and healthy glow of your skin. Moreover, almond oil also acts as a facial cleanser, which removes dead cells and dirt from deep down in your pores. It also moisturizes to give you a smooth and non-oily feeling, reducing the painful effects brought by razor burns. Dab this product after shaving and feel the magic unfold.

Size: 100ml

Made in Italy.