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Tradere Razors

Tradere Razors was started to bring a safety razor to the market that is 100% made in the USA. Inspired by the vintage Gillette Flare Tip Aristocratic, the handle has been immensely popular with wet shavers. They followed up their best selling handle with both solid bar and open comb models. As these double edge razors are made from solid stainless steel, they have a heft that offers an exceptional balance when shaving. All are engraved with a unique serial number, which is unique for all products on our store. Each are beautifully finished with a polished head and detailed knurling along the handle. These will last for years and can be past down from generation to generation. Fit with our standard blades for an exquisite shave fit for a king.

Tradere Razors Reviews
Handle with grip
Tradere Stainless Steel Razor Handle.nice combo with an R41 head! Somehow got a free 41 head so I needed a handle. Great combo.
Tradere Open Comb Safety Razor.Angle is paramount with this razor. Blade selection is more important than normal too. Shave at a steep angle, and it will be brutal. Shave at a shallow angle, and it will be mild. I use Feather blades as a rule, but don't advise them with this razor. In fact..I will withhold final judgement of this razor till after a few uses.
No. 1 Razor!
Tradere Open Comb Safety Razor.The best razor I have tried. Built to last and once you use a open comb razor you will never go back to the standard double edge due to the teeth providing more lubrication.
Tradere Open Comb Safety Razor.The Tradere Open Comb is just about perfect. From day one, this razor has given me the very best shaves of any double edge razor I have used to date. I presently own quite a few razors, but most of them have not seen any use since the Tradere OC arrived.
Love it
Tradere Stainless Steel Razor Handle.I am arecent convert to DE shaving but I love this handle. The Classic handle from Weber is just a tad to long and while the Bulldog is nice and thick it's just too short, but this, this is perfect. Nothing against Weber btw, this is just right for my large hands is all.
Fantastic Razor!
Tradere Solid Bar Safety Razor.I have had this razor for about 1 1/2 months, and I find it to be one of the best performing razors that I have ever used. Not too aggressive, but not too wimpy either....just right. Used with Feather and Astra blades, it is a daily pleasure!
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