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You lead a busy life and need products that are easy to grab-and-go. Stock up here for your next world adventure. (Or business trip. We won't judge.)

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We offer many of our best selling products, such as shaving creams and aftershaves, in smaller and convenient TSA-friendly sizes for easy plane travel. Of course, regulations change, so please check with current guidelines when determining if a size or product complies. We try to keep this category up to date as best we can, but it may not be perfect. We also offer durable cases and totes for all your gear, along with several customized razors and shaving brushes made especially for travel.

Travel Reviews
Excellent cream!
Decided to go with the tube since this was this was my experience with DR Harris or Arlington. Got a fabulous shave with excellent cushion and extremely slick. I used way too much cream at first,just takes a small amount. Wonderful scent, I should have gotten the tub. Too bad WCS was out of the Windsor, really wanted to try that as well!
Too small, not a fan of nylon. Fairly well built though
going to return this item. Bought the Filson Travel Kit (Dopp kit) instead. More money but soooooooo much better quality and usability. Not sure if WCS carries this brand but this is the Rolls Royce of Dopp kits
Surprising, in fact, unbelievable
I love this stuff. That's why I just ordered another one. I use this stick soap differently from the description of its use that is given in the product listing above. There is certainly nothing wrong with doing things the way given in the description, but that's not the way I have been using the stick. Rather, I prep my face with a washcloth and hot water, and then I wet my face really well with the hottest water that I can stand. Next, I take the soap stick and smear soap (not very much really) from the stick around on my face. Then, using a brush that's wet well with really warm water, I work up a good lather, which isn't very hard to do at all using the soap from this stick. It's great lather--thick, wet, and holds lots of moisture. Of course, this will work anywhere, but on the road with this soap stick, a Simpson's Wee Scott brush, and a really old miniature Gillette DE traveling razor, it's all easy and makes for a great shave with a minimal amount of shaving equipment. And, I should add that if you like lavender soap/shaving cream, this D. R. Harris Lavender Shaving Stick smells great and is not at all overpowering.
Nice piece of gear
Use this as a container for MWF - works perfectly.
Great Little Device
This is the safe, easy way to dispose of your used razor blades. Just drop them in the bank, and when the bank is full, throw the whole thing away. The bank takes up very little space but can hold a lot of blades. Highly recommended.
Certainly does the job
This is a nice case. Nothing fancy, but good quality and does the job well.
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