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You lead a busy life and need products that are easy to grab-and-go. Stock up here for your next world adventure. (Or business trip. We won't judge.)

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We offer many of our best selling products, such as shaving creams and aftershaves, in smaller and convenient TSA-friendly sizes for easy plane travel. Of course, regulations change, so please check with current guidelines when determining if a size or product complies. We try to keep this category up to date as best we can, but it may not be perfect. We also offer durable cases and totes for all your gear, along with several customized razors and shaving brushes made especially for travel.

Travel Reviews
Nice Container
Perfect container for my travel brush
Great product!!
Great value, nice scent, very slick and easy to lather
Dr. Harris deodorant stick
very disapointed with this product.
Greatest! HASLINGER Schafmilch
HASLINGER Schafmilch is an unbelievably good shaving soap. This soap is my favorite and I've tried them all. Get yours today. You will love it! This is much better than anything that comes in a can.
tabac stick
mild smell, doesn't last long on the face. Despite years of reading how strong it is, its the most pleasant scented soap I have found. The scent is more pleasing than that of CELLA or Erasmic stick. And it performs so well. The only thing I can say about the scent is that by leaving the stick to air out all day and night between shaves, my bathroom has a nice gentle warm spicy smell to it that I am loving. And I have serious allergies to scents, and this soap is perfect for me. The first 3 lathers had a strong generic "cologne" chemical scent that disappeared fast.
Great For On The Go
Prospector Co. Compressed Towel Tablets "I was amazed at the concept and was curious! They're great! Have used one three or four times!
The Ultimate Shaving Experience from Truefitt & Hill
Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shaving Cream Travel Tube "When it comes to shaving creams, no one does it better than Truefitt & Hill! They truly make their products to enjoy to highest standard, period. It's incredibly slick and smooth when applied with a shaving brush. This cream lathers up in so quickly with or without a badger brush and the cream is super slick. The blade will glide right through as the cream surrounds each whisker, that it just perfumes the entire bathroom with what I like to call "Clash of the Brits" scent. It's citrusy, has notes of sandalwood and nutmeg,some herbal notes, along with some flowerily and aquatic notes, too. The scent is just so fresh and so luxurious. While it isn't on the cheap side, it makes up for it with performance and scent! There should be no problem at all getting this tube to last at least 6+ months for the daily shaver.
It's alum, It works
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar "It's hard to go wrong with an Alum block. I usually use the OSMA brand but these were free with a certain purchase level and came with a plastic case which OSMA does not. I've still not received an answer as to whether or not they are a solid block or compressed fragments, BUT, the block is smooth and works well. I have 3 of them and have given 2 away to friends. All three of us have been pleased so far with their effectiveness as well as their durability.

An Alum block is not something you need too often unless you drop it. (it will shatter) You let it remain wet. (it dissolves) so leave the plastic box open after drying the wet side off on tissue or your flank.. It crumbles, cheaper blocks may start to crumble especially on the ends where your fingers hold it.

This block has held up fine for the 3 of us for several months. It is a standard part of my routine. Wipe of the extra soap with a Cottonelle wet-wipe, Cold water rinse, alum block rub on my wet face, let it sit until I clean my brush, bowl and razor, then 2nd cold rinse and apply after shave. As mentioned above, I only close the plastic case when I'm traveling so as to always let the block completely dry. Also NEVER let the block rest on iron or steel the reaction is corrosive.

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