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You lead a busy life and need products that are easy to grab-and-go. Stock up here for your next world adventure. (Or business trip. We won't judge.)

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We offer many of our best selling products, such as shaving creams and aftershaves, in smaller and convenient TSA-friendly sizes for easy plane travel. Of course, regulations change, so please check with current guidelines when determining if a size or product complies. We try to keep this category up to date as best we can, but it may not be perfect. We also offer durable cases and totes for all your gear, along with several customized razors and shaving brushes made especially for travel.

Travel Reviews
WCS Alum Block
The WCS Alum Block is a fantastic product. I'm new to wet shaving and using DE safety razors so I tend to nick myself regularly. I also have quite a bit of irritation after shaving. But using the WCS Alum Block helps tremendously. It stops the bleeding and takes care of all irritation. I'm sold on this product forever. Give it a try. You won't be dissatisfied...
It works good for the
Haslinger Honey Shaving Soap "It works good for the price.
Fantastic bargain, wonderful shave soap.
Speick Shaving Soap Stick "This little gem should be in every shave kit. Long lasting, slick soap for close shaves.
Prospector Co. Compressed Towel
Prospector Co. Compressed Towel Tablets "I use these when I travel. They come in handy in air ports.
Onine orders that don't disappoint
Lea Shaving Soap Stick "When I order online it's always with some trepidation that I await the arrival of the goods - I'm pleased to report that I was 100% satisfied with my WestCoast Shaving order and wonder why I haven't ordered from them before !
Great all round soap
Ogallala Unscented Shaving Stick "Soaps that aren't sufficiently lubricating cause the razor to skip across my face. Too lubricating, and they don't deliver a close shave. Ogallala stick soaps manage to deliver on both. In addition, the stick format is convenient, and the price is very good. Ogallala's scented soaps are a little too strong and sharp for my tastes, and WestCoastShaving is the only vendor I've found that sells the unscented version, which is truly devoid of any smell.
My #1 pick
The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Tube, Lemon "Selecting a shave cream is really a personal decision. My experience is The Art of Shaving creams in a tube are tops. After washing/wetting my beard, I run hot water on my brush, squeeze out the excess H2O, and place a small dime-size dollop of The Art of Shaving in/on the center tip of the brush. Then work up a lather on my beard. For a super close shave, don't rinse the brush after the first application. Once you've shaved, rewet the brush ever so slightly (a few drops) and re-work up a lather for the final shave. My favorite scent is Sandlewood.
It works good.
Razor Blade Bank, Black "It works good.
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