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Triumph & Disaster is a young and interesting brand that has developed a wide range of products to help people take better care of their skin. They've got cleansers and scrubs, creams, and kits; but one of the most interesting products available is the YLF Wash.

There are other companies that have developed an all-in-one cleanser that can be used on the hair, body and face, but few have put such effort into it. It is interesting to note this amount of care and effort that went into developing YLF, and you can decide what it stands for, because people are lazy. However, according to Triumph & Disaster, there were five specific things they wanted to accomplish with this product.

First, they wanted it to clean skin and hair, and then provide hydration. They wanted it to smell nice, but not flowery or overbearing. Also, it was supposed to incorporate the finest ingredients, including essential oils and vitamins, which would ultimately lead to a 'balanced and supreme' feeling after using it.

It is very difficult to find a product that does so much in one small place, and you will probably agree that no one does it better.

INGREDIENTS: Argan oil, Rosewood oil, marine collagen, Kawakawa leaf extract, and vitamin E.

Size: 500ml.

Made in New Zealand.