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  • Great for trimming eyebrows and facial hair
  • Comfort-grip handle for superb control
  • Sharp, pointed blades allow for extreme precision

The comfort of this product never gets old. The Tweezerman Antique Trimming Scissors is your traditional cutting partner that can also be used in neatly snipping your facial hair and eyebrows. It has sharp, straight pointed twin blades that give you extra precision in cutting linen, silk wrap, and even fiberglass. It just cuts through things like a hot knife on butter! The handles have a comfortable grip to give you superb control over the tool. This multi-purpose pair of scissors is nickel-plated, so you can be assured that it is highly durable and very long lasting.

To achieve best results, clean the product meticulously after use with a disinfectant formulated with a rust inhibitor. Using alcohol in cleaning and disinfecting is not advised because it dulls the blades and can cause corrosion. Be cautious in cutting though, the blades are very sharp and pointed. Handle with care and keep it away from children. 

For a high quality and multi-purpose shears, choose Tweezerman Antique Trimming Scissors.

Made in Italy